Impact Assessment in International Trade Regulation

The objective of Work Package 6 is to further our knowledge of the impact of trade and trade policies on different outcome variables through the application of rigorous impact-evaluation techniques. It aims to achieve this through a combination of theoretical modelling and empirical testing, with primary emphasis on policy relevance. The focus of the individual projects is on the impact of trade on labour turnover; the impact of trade openness on labour market rigidities, productivity and efficiency; the impact evaluation of export promotion and technical assistance activities; the impact evaluation of non-tariff measures and new forms of protectionism, and on examining the determinants and effects of services trade barriers.
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Cluster 6.1

Impact Evaluation of Trade on Labour Turnover, Productivity, and Unemployment

We explore the theory and empirics of adjustment to trade openness in terms of labour-market outcomes (aggregate and individual, including unemployment and job turnover) and overall efficiency (aggregate and within-industry productivity).

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Cluster 6.2

Impact Evaluation of Targeted Interventions, Non-Tariff Measures and Barriers to Services Trade

This cluster will bring together work on the impact evaluation of trade policies, including regulatory interventions (so-called “non-tariff measures”), firm-level interventions (e.g. export promotion or technical assistance) as well as on the determinants and effects of barriers to trade in services.

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