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T10 Air Cooler


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While the change of seasons is mandatory, summer is the most dreaded of them all due to the after-effects associated with summer. Beads of sweat flowing down the face, irritability and not knowing exactly why, exhaustion from just sitting around, anxiety for no particular reason are some of the effects caused by heat during the summer. These challenges may sometimes get everyone off guard, especially if one is not well prepared to cool the surrounding temperature. Lack of preparedness, worry over the anticipated high electricity bills, which may skyrocket to unmanageable levels. The traditional air coolers are not an option either as they are heavy, expensive, and cumbersome to carry around. However, there is a solution to all these. Introducing the latest innovation in town, T10 Air Cooler.

T10 Cooler 

About T10 Air Cooler

The T10 Air Cooler smart, portable unit is an alternative to big roof-mounted air coolers and air conditioners. According to preference, this unit is so personal and can be moved around in homes, offices, picnics, beaches, etc. The T10 Cooler is low maintenance, compatible, has a long-lasting battery charge of up to 8 hours, is compact, and is an energy saver. Manufactured following intense research and the latest technology, the T10 Cooler is the latest innovation in air coolers.

Features of the T10 Air Cooler

Three Air Speeds.

There are three airspeeds in the T10 Cooler – high, medium, and low. This ensures that a user can adjust the temperatures depending on location and environment. These provide instant relief from the sun and heat.

Longer Battery Life

This unit has a charge capacity of between 6 to 8 hours. This is dependent on the times that the water tank is filled and whether the cooler will be running nonstop for some time.

Free from Noise

The T10 Cooler is noise-free. This means that a user can continuously do other things without any interruption from the cooler’s noise. This noise level is also lower than that of a normal central air conditioner. The highest noise level of the unit is 68 decibels.

Water Tank

The T10 air cooler has a remarkable water tank that can hold 750ml of water. This is noteworthy as the users will not need to keep adding more levels of water. The water in the tank evaporates and is absorbed in the air and replaces the hot air. This technology is known as hydro chill.

LED Lighting

This unit is used as a personal air cooler and has seven different colors, meaning that the lights can be used in the daytime and at nighttime. The LED lighting is programmed in the unit and can be switched on automatically and manually from a bright color to a dark one.

USB charging system

The T10 cooler uses a USB plug together with a charging code which is provided upon purchase. The USB is compatible with other devices such as laptops, phones, etc., giving easy access to use and charging.

T10 Cooler review

How does the T10 Cooler Work

The T10 Cooler’s manufactures technology is evaporative technology, which ensures that the unit can arrest outdoor air by freeing warm or hot air particles and quickly releasing cool and moisture-filled air. The moisturized air prevents negative effects on the skin, like respiratory challenges and skin infections. The T10 cooler is suitable in offices, homes, outdoors, and even in cars while driving.

How to Use the T10 Cooler

  • Purpose to clean the unit regularly before use.
  • Proper care should be taken when not being used.
  • Place near or in front of a window.
  • Handle with care.
  • Maintain proper ventilation.
  • Water in the water tank should be cold.
  • The unit should be kept in a cool and dry place.
  • Read the manual accompanying the unit.
  • Switch off the unit when not in use.

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Benefits of T10 Air Cooler

Easy to Operate:  This T10 cooler is manufactured professionally using the latest technology with easy-to-use features. There is no point in having a technician set up purposes as the instruction manual is easy to understand. Once the tank has enough water and a fully charged battery, the unit is ready to run and use.

Compact design: The compact and fully portable lightweight unit is easily carried around from the office, home, to the outdoors. This compact design makes the cooler fit in a small space due to the small area occupied.

Noiseless: The T10 cooler does not produce any noise and is, therefore, convenient to use even when reading, writing, sleeping, or working. This also prevents noise pollution inside the home or offices and in the outdoors. One only notices the cooling effect.

Saves on energy bills: This unit evaporates the water in the tank by providing a consistent supply of cool air. This technology saves on energy and electricity expenses. Also, the consumption of energy is very low. Once fully charged, the battery can last as long as eight hours and may be left overnight.

The Fan is Leaf less:  The T10 cooler has been manufactured using leafless fan technology. This is highly beneficial as the blades are not exposed to the open, making the unit hazard-free.

Environmentally friendly: The T10 cooler does not emit toxic substances into the air, which prevents respiratory, lung, or skin conditions. This makes the environment free from toxins and, at the same time, produces fresh air both outdoors and indoors.

Side effects of T10 coolers

  • There are no known side effects when using T10 Cooler.

Purchase and Price of T10 Air Cooler

The T10 Cooler comes in various sizes at different prices. Currently, the manufacturer has a limited offer of 50% for the purchase of the units. The units are purchased online by order. Below is the breakdown and costs of the unit as per the offer:

1 x T-10 Air Cooler at $89.99.

2 x T-10 Air Cooler at $161.98.

5 x T- 10 Air Cooler at $314.97.

This offer is instantly added upon checkout on the order page, and currently, there are no shipping charges for all the packages.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

T10 Cooler comes with a 14 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked should a purchaser not be content with the unit. Purchasers are advised to read the Return Policy before returning the T10 Cooler unit.

Q&A of the T10 Cooler

Q: What is required upon purchase of the T10 cooler?

A: The T10 Cooler is quite friendly and easy to set up. The unit has a user manual enclosed in the package detailing setting up, maintaining, and taking care of the unit. Before installing, ensure to read and understand the user guide.

Q: Is there any danger of using the unit in the garden?

A: The unit can be used both internally and externally as long the battery has enough charge.

Q: Is there any other stockist or distributor that sells T10 Coolers?

A: No. The T10 Cooler can be bought from its official website only and is not available from any stockist. This is necessary in order to avoid any counterfeit and substandard products from getting into the market.

Q: How can a purchase order be cancelled before delivery?

A: The order can be canceled by first notifying the manufacturer through an email.

Q: Does the unit have a refund policy in place?

A: Yes, T10 Cooler comes with a 15-day 100% money-back guarantee should a customer be dissatisfied with the cooler. The entire unit should be returned, and no questions will be asked. This issue should be raised through the customer care team.

Q: Is the T10 Cooler expensive?

A: No. The price of the unit is considered relatively low as the unit has more added benefits and advantages than other coolers that are of inferior quality. Currently, the manufacturer is offering a 50% discount on all the units of the T10 Cooler.

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Pros of the T10 Cooler

  • Easy to use.
  • Fast shipping upon order.
  • Secure and safe purchase process.
  • High-quality and lovely design.
  • Long-term use and, therefore, a worthwhile investment.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Does not require any technical expertise.
  • Easily adjustable temperature modes.
  • Picks up high speed and works instantly.
  • Retains longer battery charge.
  • Produces a cool, strong breeze and lowers surrounding temperatures.
  • Customer service is available for 24 hours.

Cons of the T10 Air Cooler

The T10 Cooler can only be purchased online.

T10 Cooler reviews


Summer has never been enjoyable and free from constant heat rashes, dry skin, sunburn, and other related hazards. The T10 Cooler is the solution to all these problems. There is no more need to hustle for space as this compact unit takes very little space at home and in the office. Moreover, the unit can be carried around while travelling in the car or on the plane, so mobility should not be an issue. Try the T10 Air Cooler and enjoy pleasant and cool nights and avoid the heat at night.

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