QuadAir Drone Review

In Cinematography, there has been an increase in demand for drone cameras to capture footage. With people working in full-time professions and technological advances changing many things around every day – it’s not surprising that the job would be enhanced by this advancement too. The QuadAir drone camera is light and dynamic device that can […]

T10 Air Cooler Review

While the change of seasons is mandatory, summer is the most dreaded of them all due to the after-effects associated with summer. Beads of sweat flowing down the face, irritability and not knowing exactly why, exhaustion from just sitting around, anxiety for no particular reason are some of the effects caused by heat during the […]

Watt PRO Saver Review

Today, when natural resources are depleting, many environmental activists are calling for action. They’re demanding that authorities limit the power consumption per household. While this can prove to be an effective strategy in the short run, it’s not a long-term strategy. Something has to be done; we must reduce our energy consumption. If not for […]

CleaniX Review

Our lives won’t be the same after the deadly Covid19 Pandemic that has engulfed the entire world currently. We have to rethink the way we go about our daily activities, and sanitization would become an integral part of our lives moving forward. Germs, including deadly bacteria and viruses, surround us and are the major reason […]

Wifi Pod Review

Technology drives us today. We have gadgets all around us, such as smartphones, tablets, music players, e-books, smartwatch, and others. From the moment we get up, to driving to work, cooking, and meeting your friends, even working out, we use many different gadgets. But one thing that is needed to run them all is internet […]

Mobile Klean Review

Mobile Klean is a UV light sanitizer device that helps in disinfecting surfaces. There are thousands of microorganisms in every inch of space that is commonly touched. Another person can move it, and the microbes get transmitted to one another, resulting in the outbreak of many uncontrollable epidemics. Mobile Klean is found to control the […]