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Today, when natural resources are depleting, many environmental activists are calling for action. They’re demanding that authorities limit the power consumption per household. While this can prove to be an effective strategy in the short run, it’s not a long-term strategy. Something has to be done; we must reduce our energy consumption. If not for us, then for mother earth and the future generations.

Since the natural resources used to produce electricity are depleting with every passing day, the price of every unit is also skyrocketing. The authorities are using the limited supply as an opportunity to charge inexplicable rates from the consumers. We all know that we all are on our own. Nobody is coming to save us.

We can save ourselves from the exploitation of electricity boards by fixing power-saving devices to your grid. It can help in reducing active power consumption and your electricity bill. Watt PRO Saver is one of the most effective energy savers available in the market. Read the entire article to know more about the device.

Watt PRO  review

About Watt PRO Saver

Watt PRO Saver is an efficient power-saving device that moderates the electricity usage in your home and office. In the long run, it can reduce your electricity bill by 50%. In times when electricity bills are shooting up, it almost becomes essential to own a power-saving device. The device stabilizes voltage and reduces disturbances in your grid. It limits your electricity consumption but never settles on quality. So, the quality of electricity that you use doesn’t get compromised.

Watt PRO Saver is easy to set up and operate. You’ll be able to install the device yourself. The device contains an adapter that you need to insert into a power outlet. You can use the button provided to switch on/off the device. When it’s switched on, a green LED light glows, indicating that the power is on. Once activated, the device begins to stabilize your voltage and current network and optimizes your electricity consumption.

Technical Specifications

  • The range of frequency of the device lies between 50Hz and 60Hz.
  • For the swift functioning of Watt PRO Saver, the ideal input must lie between 90-250 Volts.
  • It’s a lightweight device, weighing only 150 grams.
  • It’s a convenient and portable device. Its length is around 100mm only.
  • The device contains temperature moderation features that protect it from fire and explosion.
  • Watt PRO Saver is built-in with an LED indicator that glows green when switched on.
  • It’s easy to set up and operate.

Watt Saver Pro

How Does Watt PRO Saver Work?

Watt PRO Saver is an energy controlling device that limits your power usage and reduces your electricity bill. It uses a coming-of-age, modern technology to optimize your power consumption. Now, the science behind the device is very basic. Once the device gets activated, it begins optimizing your power consumption, i.e., current and voltage demands.

Watt PRO Saver automatically gets connected to your power grid during its initial installation. It removes harmonics and reduces disturbances in the grid. The device also limits and restricts power leakages, the primary cause behind excess energy consumption. Finally, your active energy usage reduces, which in turn, cuts down your electricity bill.

How to Use Watt PRO Saver?

Watt PRO Saver is simple to install and operate. You don’t need the help of an electrician to set it up. A power adapter is already attached to the device. To set up, you need to insert the adapter into a power outlet and switch it on by pressing the button on the device. The device finds the power grid in its proximity and connects with it.

Once it gets linked with the electricity grid of your home or office, it starts optimizing your energy consumption by restricting power leakages, the main reason behind uncontrolled energy usage. The device works with all appliances linked with your power grid, so the energy usage by appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners that get used for most of the day also gets limited. Your active energy consumption, as a result, reduces.

Is it Safe to Use Watt PRO Saver?

Yes, it’s safe to use Watt PRO Saver. The device doesn’t cause short circuits in the power grid of your house or office. You can also control its temperature and prevent it from exploding or getting overheated.

Watt Saver Pro

Benefits of Watt PRO Saver

Limits Electricity Leakages

The device stabilizes current and voltage demands by reducing distortions from your power grid. It also removes harmonics from the grid and it helps in restricting electricity leakages.

Reduce Power Consumption

When your electricity leakage gets reduced, the active power consumption also reduces, thus helping reduce the total energy consumption.

Save Money

An average American pays $118 per month on electricity bills. But, you don’t have to. The device can help in reducing your electricity bill by up to 50%.

Improves Longevity of Appliances

As the device stabilizes voltage and optimizes power consumption of every device connected to the grid, the longevity of the appliances also improves.

Prevents Overheating

The device comes with a temperature control function that allows you to moderate the temperature of the device. It’s a safe device and the function prevents it from getting overheated or exploding.

Works with All Appliances

Watt PRO Saver works with all electrical appliances connected to your power grid. So, the power consumption by appliances that get used for the better part of the day also reduces.

Easy to Operate

It’s simple to install and use the product. Once you plug in the adapter to a power outlet and switch it on, the device immediately gets connected to the closest power grid and begins to optimize energy consumption.

Purchase and Price

There are several packages of the product available on the company’s website. You can visit the website and choose the most suitable package for yourself.

  • One Unit: If you decide to buy one unit of the device, you’ve to pay $49. You get a 50% discount on the deal.
  • Two Units: You can purchase two units of the device for $69, i.e., $34.50 per unit.
  • Three Units: You can buy three Watt PRO Saver units for $95 or $31.67 for each unit.
  • Five Units: The final package of five units is available for $119, i.e., $23.80 per unit of the device.
  • You can add an extended warranty of one year and two years to your order for $5.95 and $9.95, respectively.
  • For a limited period, the seller offers free shipping on all US orders, so make sure you order as early as possible.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The seller has a 14-day refund guarantee. So, if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can choose to return it and claim a refund. To get a refund, follow the steps given below-

  • Contact the company’s customer service and inform them that you wish to return the order and get a refund.
  • The customer service agent will instruct you on your return package.
  • The devices must be packed in their original condition in which they arrived to you.
  • Make sure you send the seller the tracking number of your return package once it gets dispatched.
  • Once the package arrives at the warehouse, it’ll get thoroughly inspected. Only if the devices are unused, in their original condition, and containing all the labels, and other accessory items, will the package get approved.
  • Your full refund, excluding shipping and handling charges, will get processed once your package gets approved.
  • Remember that you’ve to bear the costs arising from the return of the order.

Watt Saver Pro Energy Saver Review


Can Watt PRO Saver increase the life of your home or office appliances?

Yes, the device can increase the longevity of your home and office appliances. It stabilizes voltage and restricts power leakages that help in improving the longevity of electrical appliances.

Can you use the device for large-scale operations, like for a hotel?

Yes, you can use the device in a hotel. But, for the best results and greater efficiency, make sure you buy multiple units of the power saving device and connect it to different power grids.

What if the body of the device gets hot?

You can control the temperature of the device. The device comes with a temperature-control button which allows you to moderate its temperature and prevent it from exploding.

Can the device cause short circuits in your power grid?

No, the device is safe to use and will not cause short circuits in your power grid.

Is it possible to connect the device to another grid?

Yes, it’s a portable energy-saving device and you can connect it to multiple power grids. You can take it wherever you want and save electricity!

Are the transactions on the company’s website secure?

Yes, the transactions carried out on the company’s website are secure. All transactions are encrypted under a secure network.

How does the device limit power leaks?

The device reduces disturbances and removes harmonics from your power grid. This helps in limiting power leakages, the primary cause behind excessive power consumption.


  • Watt PRO Saver works with all devices linked with your power grid.
  • It automatically connects to the closest grid.
  • The device reduces power leakages, the primary reason behind uncontrolled energy usage.
  • It limits energy consumption by stabilizing voltage and current demands.
  • The product reduces distortions and removes harmonics from the power grid. These help in further reduction of energy consumption.
  • It’s a safe appliance that doesn’t overheat or explode.
  • It’s lightweight, weighing just 150gms, and compact. It’s portable and you can carry it wherever you want.
  • The device cuts your electricity bill by up to 50%.
  • You can achieve greater efficiency by connecting more units of the device to your power grid.


  • The product is only available on the company’s website. You can’t purchase it from any other e-commerce website, or offline electrical stores.
  • There’s limited stock of the device, so make sure you order before the stock gets exhausted.

Customer Testimonials

After I moved to Boston for my new job, I realized how expensive electricity here is. When I received an $800 electricity bill on my doorstep after the first month, I was shocked. I called up the electricity board and asked them how I could have consumed so much energy when I’m not at home the entire day! Ultimately, I had to pay the amount. But then I decided to purchase a power-saving device that will help reduce energy consumption. After consulting with my colleagues, I bought Watt PRO Saver. It was easy to connect and install. It’s an effective device that helped me cut down my electricity bill the following month by half! Marcia, 32, Boston.

I started my law practice here in Albuquerque, about six months ago. I set up an office along with my college mate, Harris. Everything was going well until the electricity bill arrived. Since we’d just started our business, it was difficult for us to pay an electricity bill, which was 5 times what we imputed. So, we decided that we’ll reduce our power consumption and also buy an energy-saving device. We connected two units of Watt PRO Saver to the power grid of our office. In only a month, we could see the results. The electricity bill had come down by 20%! A big thanks to the manufacturers! George, 27, Albuquerque. 


After reading the functions of Watt PRO Saver, we can conclude that it’s undoubtedly the best energy-saving device. There are several power-saving devices available in the market, but most of them are scams that will only reduce your energy consumption by 5% or less. But Watt PRO Saver can reduce your electricity usage by 50%!

The device is lightweight and compact, and you can carry it wherever you go. You can connect it to different power grids and save energy and money everywhere. The device is safe to use, as well. It doesn’t explode or get overheated, and you can adjust its temperature too. So, go on to the official website of the company, and order your device today!

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