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Our lives won’t be the same after the deadly Covid19 Pandemic that has engulfed the entire world currently. We have to rethink the way we go about our daily activities, and sanitization would become an integral part of our lives moving forward. Germs, including deadly bacteria and viruses, surround us and are the major reason behind many of our health issues. We were complacent about many of the daily activities that we used to carry out on a daily basis earlier, including shaking hands, touching random objects, washing our hands, cleanliness at home and workplace, and so on. However, it cannot be the case going ahead.

It is simply because the world has learned it the hard way how deadly bacteria and viruses can change or take our lives. Sanitization is the key to leaving a healthy life to protect us from such germs and ensure it doesn’t find its way inside us to create an imbalance in our health. To effectively fight it, CleaniX has come up with a smart product called CleaniX UV Sanitizer.

CleaniX UV sanitizer uses the power of UV rays to kill germs and bacteria on the surface; it is reflected. It is the fastest way to get rid of unwanted germs around you. Whether at home or your workplace, using CleaniX UV sanitizer helps you sanitize your environment and get rid of any deadly germs that can be harmful.


What Is CleaniX?

CleaniX is a UV Sanitizer that is portable and easy to use. It emits UV rays that can be used to kill germs on objects in your home effectively or just about anywhere you wish. Sanitize your home, work desk, sofa, kitchen, toilet, TV, remote control, gaming consoles, kids’ toys, chairs, tables, PC, keyboard, switches, phone, and so on.

We can’t see, but the objects in our home and office carry a ton of harmful bacteria and viruses that, when ingested, can be harmful to our health. It is not possible to frequently clean it with liquid sanitizer and disinfectant, which carries a ton of chemicals that may be harmful to our health in the long run. CleaniX UV sanitizer offers maximum protection, and the UV rays it emits are just powerful enough to kill bacteria and viruses without causing any harm to the human body.

How Does It Work?

The CleaniX is a portable device that runs on batteries and is rechargeable. It is lightweight and easy to handle. You can even carry it around in your bag to ensure that you can sanitize objects you’re unsure of before touching. When the CleaniX is switched on, it emits UV rays that help in sanitizing any objects and surfaces that it is exposed to. There are no complicated procedures to follow when it comes to its functioning.

The UV rays have a distinct bluish light and make sure it is reflected on the surface you want to sanitize for a few minutes. Once the object is sanitized, the light on the device turns off, automatically signaling that the sanitization is complete and safe to touch. The CleaniX UV sanitizer in itself is safe and easy to use, and even a child can learn to operate it within minutes.

What are the Top Features of CleaniX?

Some of the top features of CleaniX UV sanitizer that makes it so unique and popular are as follows –

  • CleaniX UV Sanitizer is portable and can be easily carried around in your pocket or handbag.
  • CleaniX UV Sanitizer does not use any toxic chemicals or materials like other disinfectant or sanitizing solutions and sprays that can be harmful when inhaled or cause skin inflammations.
  • CleaniX kills harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses without requiring any chemicals. Thus, there is no cost related to refilling the device with a chemical solution periodically. It is what makes it not only effective but also cost-efficient.
  • CleaniX can sanitize larger areas faster and at a fraction of a cost when compared to other methods of sanitization.
  • It is the device that is made for every day and frequently uses to align with our modern lifestyle without compromising the safety or sanitization standards required today.
  • It is the first and the best UV ray-based sanitizer anywhere in the world that you can easily carry around and perfect for personal use. The larger-sized UV rays sanitizers are used for industrial and institutional purposes at hospitals, laboratories, and other such facilities.

CleaniX reviews

What are the Top Benefits of CleaniX?

CleaniX UV Sanitizer combines the strength of UV rays with portability to make it one of the most useful devices in the current global scenario. Sanitizing your environment is the key to keeping diseases away. Here are the few benefits of CleaniX –

  • Portability and Mobility – CleaniX is easy to carry around, fits your pocket, and is lightweight. You can carry it around and sanitize any foreign object before touching to ensure you’re not exposed to harmful germs. Whether it is the door handle of your car or Uber or your desk at work, you can never be too safe to avoid using CleaniX.
  • Kills Harmful Germs and Pathogens – The CleaniX UV sanitizer kills harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause deadly diseases and health issues. It ensures that the objects you come in contact with are germ-free, which is a sigh of relief and provides a sense of satisfaction.
  • Eco-Friendly – This device is completely eco-friendly and harmless to you and the environment. Irrespective of its usage, there are no side-effects. It only functions as a germs-killer. CleaniX ensures that any unwanted micro-organisms and particles that settle on the objects are killed and eliminated, ensuring your safety.
  • Contactless Sanitization – You do not have to touch the objects you want to sanitize when using CleaniX UV sanitizer. All you need to do is switch on the CleaniX and ensure that its rays fall on the object you wish to disinfectant. It is fast, easy, and effortless in doing what it is meant to do.
  • No-Refills or Chemical Solutions Needed – CleaniX doesn’t use any chemicals for sanitization, and there are no refills needed of any kind. It is a rechargeable device that runs on batteries. It is durable, portable, and mobile.
  • Easy-to-Use – CleaniX provides fast results, and you just need to place the object you want to sanitize under it for a few minutes. When the light turns off, it means that the object is sanitized and free of any harmful germs or pathogens.

Is It Safe to Use?

CleaniX is entirely safe to use, and hospitals, laboratories, and medical facilities have been using UV based advanced technologies for large-scale sanitization purposes. There are no documented results or proofs that showcase any side-effects of CleaniX UV Sanitizer. It is manufactured after years of research and has gone through several checks to ensure it offers sustainable and effective results to the users. However, it is advised that one should refrain from exposing the UV light emitted from the device on the eyes for a prolonged period.

How Much Does CleaniX Cost and Does It Offer a Refund Policy?

At present, CleaniX is available on the official website of the manufacturer. The buyers can get discounts on buying multiple CleaniX UV Sanitizers for themselves and family members/friends.

  • 1 CleaniX UV Sanitizer – $69.99 (50% Discount)
  • 2 CleaniX UV Sanitizer + 1 CleaniX Free – $139.99 (67% Discount)
  • 3 CleaniX UV Sanitizer + 2 CleaniX Free – $199.99 (71% Discount)

CleaniX review


  • CleaniX generates high-frequency UV light that effectively kills 99.99% of the pathogens, micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses present on the surface of the object it is exposed to. It does not only kill them but ensures that its multiplication is stalled and growth is stunted.
  • CleaniX is portable, handy, and can be easily carried around. It is lightweight yet sturdy and long-lasting. It provides mobility to the users, who can easily carry it around and use it as and when needed.
  • One of the best parts of CleaniX is its longevity. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a USB cable. One charge easily lasts for a couple of days, depending on the usage. There is no cost related to refilling with any chemical sanitizer or buying batteries frequently.
  • It helps you save cost on buying expensive sanitizers and disinfectants that don’t last too long, but it also protects you from various diseases that getting in contact with harmful germs can cause. Thus, it saves a hefty amount in the long run that goes towards the doctor’s visit.
  • There are some UV sanitizers in the market that you can use on phones and tablets. However, CleaniX is good for just about any object or surface and is proven to be much more effective than its counterparts. It can be used in every nook and corner of your house.
  • CleaniX UV Sanitizer comes with a standard warranty of 2 years. The buyers can also choose to pay a nominal fee to extend the warranty further for three years. It offers peace of mind knowing that the device is covered for any malfunctions.
  • The manufacturers provide hefty discounts ranging from 30 percent to even 70 percent from time to time. There are special discounts and deals offered on multiple orders.


  • One of the most significant disadvantages, if you choose to call it so, is that it is only available at the manufacturer’s official website. CleaniX is new in the market and is not available through other e-commerce platforms yet.
  • As the company’s site is bombarded with the orders, the delivery time is around three weeks. The company, however, accepts purchases from most of the countries.

Customer Testimonials

“I am a germophobe for as far as I can remember, and after the Covid-19 pandemic, things have been spiraling south for me mentally faster than I expected. I used to spend most of the days roaming around the house with sanitizer or disinfectant in my hand. It was costly and tiring. CleaniX is a savior and is the way forward as it is neither messy nor expensive for what it offers, and the best part is that it is easy to use for an old-timer like me.” – Sandra P, Illinois

“It has become increasingly difficult for me to focus on my work where I am constantly surrounded by people and foreign objects, especially during this global pandemic that has taken over the planet last few months. I am constantly worried I might be exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses. It has taken a toll on my mental health as well as my productivity. It is when I saw my friend using CleaniX, and thanks to her recommendation, I bought it as well. It is user-friendly and effective and has helped me get the peace of mind I was looking for to keep negative thoughts at bay. I am more focused on my work now and less distracted by the worries of getting sick.” – Peter S, Sydney.

Final Verdict – Is CleaniX Worth Your Money?

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us the importance of maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings and staying hygienic. Even though we should regularly wash hands and use masks to keep deadly bacteria and viruses at bay, it is crucial to find a smarter way to sanitize our hands and objects around us that we get in contact with. The disinfectant sprays and chemical-based sanitizers can be expensive in the long run, and it is where CleaniX comes in.

It is user-friendly, portable, and cost-effective and kills 99.99% of the germs within a few minutes. There are no complicated procedures you need to learn to use it, and best of all, it runs on rechargeable batteries. There are no recurring costs involved with using CleaniX, which is a sigh of relief for many who might be worried about the maintenance cost of such advanced sanitizing device.

Protecting yourself and your family from harmful germs and pathogens is important, and CleaniX offers a sustainable solution to sanitize our environment, effectively and affordably. We cannot use expensive disinfectant sprays every time we open our car, use a shopping cart, work on our desk in the office, use door handles, go to the washroom, work on our desktop, sanitize our phone, and others. It is tiring and expensive. However, CleaniX offers a smart solution that very soon would become a common household item. It is worth every penny, and everyone should own one, just like a cell phone.

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