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What would be the ultimate goal that you want to achieve at the end of every day? While for some of you the answer to this might be achieving a business target, a few others may come up with other answers like earning more money or ticking off a dream achievement from your bucket list. However, for a majority of individuals, the ultimate goal that they would want to achieve at the end of a tiring day is to get some sound sleep! No arguments there, right? Oftentimes, majority of individuals end up snoring when they fall into a deep slumber. This, in turn, causes great inconvenience to those that sleep with or around them. What’s pitiable about this scenario is that snoring is an involuntary action and for decades both the individual snoring as well as their co-sleeping partners endured the inconvenience in silence. But times have changed and just as with almost every other issue under the sun, a smart-device has been invented as a perfect solution to tackle this problem under the moniker called SleepLab.

Snoring or ‘noisy-breathing’ is an involuntary action caused during sleep and if the problem is left untreated for prolonged time-periods, it can lead to other respiratory health concerns. Snoring can also be a cause of certain underlying diseases.

Some of the most common causes of snoring include:

  • Medical conditions like nasal congestion, cleft palate, tonsillitis etc can lead to narrowing of air passage which can cause snoring.
  • Posture during sleeping where people sometimes use uncomfortable pillows.
  • Consumption of alcohol causes narrowing of the airways which in turn leads to snoring.
  • As age advances, the throat passage naturally narrows which causes frequent snoring.
  • Obesity is another main cause of snoring.

In today’s review, we will be focusing on a revolutionary anti-snoring device which has been introduced into the market under the moniker SleepLab.

Sleeplab review

About SleepLab

SleepLab is a magnetically functioning, advanced snore-stopping device that has been specially built to tackle the issue of snoring which comes in the way of sound-sleeping. Years of intensive research and dedicated brainstorming has been applied in the making of this product, to bring forth one of the best anti-snoring devices available in the market today. It has been built in such a way that the makers ensured it is compact in nature and light in weight. It is equipped with soft cushions, so that the wearer doesn’t find any discomfort whilst wearing it. Two notable advanced technologies used to build this wonder product are Bone-Conduction Recognition Technology and Sound Recognition Technology that help to control as well as reduce snoring issues in its users. This helps the wearer and those around them to attain sound sleep, thereby providing a permanent solution to the problem rather than acting as a temporary-fix to the issue.

Weighing only about 10gms, it is easily portable and can even be used when you are traveling to far off destinations making this device probably the second best to a traveling partner. SleepLab also looks pretty chic and stylish in black. Along with other intricate aspects, the makers have also gone in-depth in the designing of this product. The package comes in a well-designed black box that contains 10 conductive strips (which are disposable), a stopper, a USB charging cable, a charging station. Included in the package is also an instruction manual to guide you as to how to use the product hassle-free.

Right now this product is only available in the color black. The product can be charged with ease and without much ado. Initially, it is recommended to charge SleepLab for at least 2 hours before its first use. SleepLab will then function without the requirement for recharging it for upto 15 hours even when in continuous use. It also has another commendable feature whereby it holds a standby charge for over 50 hours when not in use. How convenient when one’s on the go, right?

Another incredible feature of this smart device is that it can be customized to the wearer’s needs by detecting the severity of one’s snoring. To be precise; it can be changed through 36 different levels of intervention! Sounds great, right? Almost as if the device understands you and your sleep-requirements completely! The device also has inbuilt technology whereby you can control it using your smartphones. You can connect SleepLab to your smartphones through Bluetooth, which in turn enables you to record your sleep patterns as well as your breathing. It is indeed amazing to know how technological advancements have blessed us with improved lifestyles. No wonder the researchers and makers of this product highly recommend it to snorers the world over!


How Does SleepLab Work?

SleepLab works on magnetic stimulation technology, which ensures the wearer a comfortable night’s sleep that they have always dreamt of. Rendering the wearer of the product snore-free, it guarantees to initially control the snoring pattern to eventually helping the person enjoy sound, uninterrupted sleep. Having been built compact and light, the product can easily be slid under the chin of the snorer and once the person starts snoring, the product gently massages and stimulates the respiratory muscles and then controls and reduces their snoring.

Irrespective of whether you’re a restless sleeper or one who sleeps in a single position all night long, SleepLab won’t fall off or get detached unless you take it off manually. Using its Sound Recognition Technology, SleepLab identifies and detects the intensity of the snore and starts working on the muscles. Following this, the Bone-Conduction Technology used in this device gently nudges and massages the area in contact with it. It functions so subtly that there’s no chances of it disturbing your sleep.

The main function of SleepLab is to stimulate the soft tissues behind your throat. This causes your throat muscles to contract. As a result, your breathing will be adjusted naturally. Scientifically put, it simply delivers magnetic-electrical impulses and vibrations to the laryngeal muscles to start stimulation once the person starts snoring. The electrical impulses at the in-built electrodes are adjusted according to the snoring intensity and then triggered by vibration. This gentle action in turn soothes the throat-muscles which then automatically stops the urge to snore. Night-after-night, when you continue this practice, the throat muscles will eventually stop needing the stimulation. Eventually, your breathing will become easy and hassle-free by clearing any airway-passage obstructions. To attain such effective results, you must wear the product continuously for at least 2 weeks or more.

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Advantages of SleepLab

Whenever someone decides to buy a product based on their individual needs, surely the first thing that comes to one’s mind is whether the product is worth the bucks that’s being invested into it. In terms of SleepLab, let us take a look at some of the advantages that this anti-snoring device has to offer.

  • The device is compact and portable, which means it can easily be slid into your carry-on bags when you are on the go.
  • One-power ON key and you’re good to go.
  • Has an in-built, smart-detect stimulation system.
  • Quick charging time which lasts all night so the wearer as well as co-sleeper can enjoy sound, undisturbed sleep all night long.
  • Designed stylish and chic so when kept at the night-stand it won’t look sticking odd or out-of-place!
  • Upon regular usage, it doesn’t just help reduce or control one’s snoring pattern but also helps to completely stop snoring.
  • Better sleep pattern ensures better quality of life.
  • The device can be controlled using your smart phones. Supports both Android 4.3 as well as IOS.


Disadvantages of SleepLab

At this point the only disadvantage with SleepLab is that, unlike other electronic devices, SleepLab cannot be found readily if you walk into a store or anywhere else randomly online. Sleeplab can only be purchased through their main manufacturer by placing an order through their official website. However, the offers and discounts offered thus diminishes the inconvenience which an online order may cause some of its buyers. Also, by paying an almost negligible additional amount, the buyer can avail a 3-year warranty on the product purchased and it can be delivered free-of-cost to your door-step.

Pricing, Money-Back Guarantee, and Refund Policy

Purchase of SleepLab is available only through their official website that is currently running some great offers and discounts. All orders are subject to availability of the product and can be delivered across addresses worldwide.

  • 1 SleepLab – $149
  • 2 SleepLab – $249 ($124.5 each)
  • 3 SleepLab – ​$329.25 ($109 each)
  • 4 SleepLab – $399 ($99 each)
  • 5 SleepLab – $449 ($89.80 each)

In case you receive a defective or damaged product, the company ensures a refund, provided it is sent back within 30 days of the delivery-date along with the compliance of other company-guidelines. All you need to do is to contact their Customer Support Dept. and rest assured, you will be dealt with professionally by their after-sales team.

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You can contact the customer service of SleepLab on the following.

International ​-​ +442038089234 (24hours)

Brazil​​ – +552135003992 (09:00am – 14:00pm; Monday-Friday GMT-5)

Email: [email protected].

Customer Reviews

The following are reviews from happy customers who have purchased this life-changing device.

Joshua – For years my partner endured in silence the inconvenience my snoring problem caused her until one fine day she finally woke me up to the disturbance it was causing her all night. This led me to research on how to curb the problem and that is what led me to discover this amazing anti-snoring device! I won’t deny that SleepLab has indeed come into our lives as a blessing. I feel absolutely refreshed and charged every morning since I started wearing this device. Previously, I was unaware how my snoring problem was adversely affecting my own health. Nonetheless, all thanks to this wonder product, both me and my better half are able to enjoy a good night’s sleep now. SleepLab has improved our lifestyle altogether and I definitely recommend the purchase of this product.

Selena – All thanks to my friend’s suggestion, I gifted SleepLab to my husband, who has always been a loud, compulsive-snorer, and it helped him tackle his snoring issues. I cannot have been happier for the changes it has brought into our lives. Peaceful sleep was considered a luxury long forgotten but things have changed now all thanks to SleepLab! This device definitely is a lifesaver. I’m definitely recommending this product to my friends and family alike.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Having covered various aspects of this anti-snoring, wonder-product, we can summarize that owning one or more of SleepLab can never be considered a waste of one’s time or money. Everyone deserves to sleep soundly and what could be a better way to achieve this than to grab hold of one of these handy, smart-devices! SleepLab is portable in its compact packaging and would be a great product to help all snorers out there to tackle their noisy breathing naturally. Yes, it may seem slightly odd initially to sleep with a device attached to you. However, if it can help you win over your snoring issues and to put an end to your nocturnal inconveniences, then it is worth a shot, right? It would also be an exceptionally great product to gift someone because oftentimes we come across friends and family who struggle to get a night-long, peaceful sleep owing to their snoring problems. In such instances, products like SleepLab can undoubtedly come to their rescue. It is a known fact that such amazing products go unnoticed because of the lack of proper implementation of apt marketing strategies and hence, people continue to live their lives struggling to enjoy something as natural as sleeping in peace. It sounds almost dream-like but products like these ensure the wearer has sweet, uninterrupted dreams as well! So, don’t think twice and place those orders right away in order to be able to enjoy lifelong benefits that this wonder product guarantees you. Rush your order for SleepLab today and find out what it is like to sleep like a baby.

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