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Are you someone who cannot live without a smartphone? But, at the same time, do you find it difficult to carry your phone everywhere with you? If you are someone who has always been looking for an alternative miracle to your phone that helps in simplifying your life while also helping you save more time, then the product we are reviewing today is just what you have been looking for.

Until a couple of years back, a watch was solely meant to tell the time. However, that’s not the case today as modern day watches are capable of much more than that. A smartwatch is a computer device in the shape of a wristwatch. The technology has advanced so much that a smartwatch can function in a similar fashion to that of a smartphone.

Smartwatch is a smart option for people who are always on the go. It is an excellent option for communication, navigation, business, fitness tracking, and much more. Though the first debut smartwatch was released several years ago, the high-tech facilities came into existence just a few years back. Several brands have introduced smartwatches with various applications ever since. You might be well aware of the various branded smartwatches in the market. Yes, you might have seen or heard about the expensive and high-tech ones. Well, were you aware of the XWatch smartwatch?

Well, XWatch is a new range of smartwatch. Though the world is yet to know more about this smart device, the ones who have tried it already swear by it. Affordable, great design, high tech utilities, and fashionable, this product has already managed to gain attention and support from its users. And needless to say, XWatch is already giving a tough competition to its counterparts. Interesting? Want to know more? Let’s dive in to get a detailed picture of the product.


About XWatch

XWatch, in simple terms, is a smartwatch that has functionalities similar to a smartphone (or even better). The ability to connect to the phone, making calls, and check messages is a feature that every smartwatch holds. But unlike other such watches, XWatch does a lot more.

XWatch is an all-rounder smartwatch that can be used by both men and women. It is made for everyone who is a fitness freak, fashionable, trendy, healthy, frequently making plans or is just lazy to take out their phones. It’s design lets you comfortably wear the watch throughout the day.

It is used for several activities like monitoring health, listening to music, taking photos and recording videos, making plans, calls, and also writing text messages. It also monitors your sleep, checks the deep sleep stage and provides you with the consequent results.

It has several features including a phonebook, pedometer, calendar, sleep monitor, bluetooth camera, stopwatch, calculator, and the list goes on. XWatch also has a built-in speaker and mic that lets you attend and make calls. It is one of the only smartwatches with a built-in camera. This smartwatch has made taking selfies easier. The XWatch smartwatch is also compatible with many of the mobile phone languages. Up to 20 languages is supported by XWatch. Additionally, this smartwatch also gives a reminder or alert for various applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, QQ, WeChat, Twitter, Message etc.

XWatch is very easy to use and it gives you the facility to use the smartwatch as both a phone and a smartwatch. The smartwatch comes with a SIM card slot. All you have to do is pair the watch with your phone using Bluetooth, or insert a SIM card to the watch to access this feature.

Unlike other smartwatches, XWatch not only connects with the external organs, but it also connects with your internal organs. It can detect your sleep rate, pattern and give a detailed analysis of the same. XWatch serves like a medical assistant on your wrist. The XWatch has a built-in monitor that keeps track of the blood pressure, pulse, and heart rates. It gives detailed information on your health and lets you know whenever you have to take any measures. The XWatch displays live ECG diagrams. The smartwatch provides the rate of your heartbeats both during exercise or workouts and during rest. Its heart sensor is specially designed for those with heart conditions or anxiety problems and reminds you to take necessary action whenever needed. Another highlight of this device is that it can also trace the users’ moods.

XWatch is a product developed by a European company. It is made in the same factories that is used to build a lot of other brands of smartwatches. Therefore, there is no compromise in its build quality as it will perform equivalent to or better than most of the other branded smartwatches, while costing you very less. While high costs have always been a major role in stopping you from buying your favorite products, XWatch gives you a chance to have the perfect blend of style as well as high performance at a relatively low price tag. This smartwatch gives a luxurious look and feel as it is made of quality material and has sleek smooth curves. The front and back of the watch are made of glass case that makes it easy to maintain and is very impressive. It is, therefore, a major competition for most of the branded smartwatches in the market.

It’s now high time for you to make a shift from wristwatches to smartwatches that are very affordable yet trendy and high-tech. XWatch has now put an end to the concept of “paying more for high-tech smartwatches”. Let us now know more about the features of XWatch.

xWatch reviews

Main Features of XWatch

This smartwatch comes with many amazing features, much more than what the other smartwatches in the market offers. Its main features include:

  • Bluetooth– It supports Bluetooth versions 3.0 and 4.0, which is to be connected to the mobile phone app. XWatch supports Bluetooth calling.
  • Pedometer– Pedometer lets you set your health goals, track your daily progress and activities, and analyze data anywhere, anytime. The number of steps and other activities can be easily recorded with the help oof XWatch.
  • Sim card slot – XWatch has a sim card slot and it can thus be used both as a phone as well as a smartwatch.
  • GPS tracking – Advanced location tracking through GPS positioning helps to easily navigate and search for locations.
  • Size – The size of the smartwatch is 44*38*10.7mm.
  • Camera – Remote Camera captures within 10m and this makes taking selfies a lot more easier with the new XWatch smartwatch.
  • Alerts – Notifications for phone calls, messages, QQ, WeChat, Twitter Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype.
  • Sedentary reminder – It shows the steps you have walked and the calories that you have burned. A sedentary reminder also inspires you to sit less and move more.
  • XWatch is compatible with more than 20 mobile phone languages.
  • Battery – Battery life lasts up to 2-3 days from a single charging.
  • High-quality, bright display in all lighting.
  • Supports iOS and Android operating systems – XWatch functions for both IOS and Android devices. Thus, both IOS and Android users can connect to the XWatch smartwatch.
  • Advanced health tracking – This smartwatch monitors your heart, sleep, and activity. It shows electrocardiogram readings within seconds.
  • Simple and easy one-button function menu – There is only a single button for menu, which is clear, simple to understand, and also easy to handle.

The above were the most noted features of the smartwatch. Follow up for more features.

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Other Features

There are several other features of the smartwatch which includes:

  • XWatch is made with a silicone strap that is very comfortable for daily use
  • Internal memory: 16 GB
  • Weight: 50g
  • Battery: 380 mAH large capacity polymer
  • XWatch smartwatch has a built-in speaker and mic for phone calls
  • Water/Dust Resistant: IP67 class waterproof
  • Up to 12 months of standby time
  • 54-inch touch display
  • Ultra-thin and tough finishing design
  • Buzz sounds: 3 groups of sounds to select from
  • Charging: USB Charging
  • Platform: MTK 2502
  • Ideal for: Both Men and Women
  • XWatch camera functionality: Night mode, various camera settings, remote control

The above were the features of XWatch smartwatches. Now, going ahead, let’s discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

xWatch Battery

Pros of XWatch 

Here are some of the pros of this smartwatch over its counterparts:

  • XWatch gives an exceptional battery backup. The battery life of this smartwatch is way better than most of the other smartwatches in the market.
  • XWatch can catch anyone’s attention with its attractive and elegant design.
  • The XWatch smartwatch works as a doctor. It has several features to help you track your health and fitness.
  • XWatch is very easy to use and handle.
  • It comes at an affordable rate compared to the other smartwatches in the market. (The pricing is mentioned in the coming up section.)
  • XWatch smartwatch has a bright and unique HD touch display.
  • The customized operating system makes the user experience brilliant and energy-efficient.
  • The construction and design of the XWatch smartwatch is such that it is very light and durable. It is the perfect partner for training or for regular use.
  • XWatch helps you in avoiding the risk of a sedentary lifestyle by reminding you to move more and sit less.

So, the above were the pros of XWatch. Now let’s see what the cons of the smartwatch are.

Cons of Xwatch

  • The discount is available only for a few days.
  • XWatch smartwatches can only be purchased online from the brand’s official website, which also means there will be only limited stocks.
  • Some users found the resemblance to Apple smartwatch as one of the drawbacks of the smartwatch.

The pros of XWatch is undoubtedly a lot more significant than its cons. The cons can be easily neglected given the high-tech functionalities and the quality provided by the smartwatch.

Pricing And Refund Policy

You might be wondering that with all these functionalities, the XWatch smartwatch is going to cost you a fortune. But you need not worry anymore about that. You are getting a high tech smart watch with all the functionalities at just a fraction of the price that you would pay for the rest of the smartwatches in the market.

The buying options available for this smartwatch are as follows :

You can also avail a refund for your purchase if you happened to receive a damaged or defective product. In such a scenario, a refund request must be raised within 30 days from the date of purchase.

xwatch review

Customer Reviews

Want to know more about the product? Let us hear what the users of XWatch have got to say.

James – I started jogging some time back. I had no means to track my improvement back then. I wasn’t sure if the workout helped me at all. This smartwatch did the job for me! Now I can regularly track my progress and be aware of my fitness. I’m in love with it!

Dominique – Managing your own company is a little tricky. I had to regularly keep a check of emails and notifications and also keep everyone posted. I used to find it a bit difficult using laptops and phones. I now keep everyone posted with my XWatch and also do not have to worry about missing any notifications or emails.

Thomas – A few months back, I was facing serious sleeping trouble. My parents bought me XWatch to keep track of my sleeping sessions. It gave me information on the number of hours I slept and also the quality of it. It’s a great gadget. One of the best that I have used until now.

These were a few of the users of XWatch smartwatches. It’s recorded that most users of XWatch recommended it to their friends. Now even you know the reason why.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

XWatch is a perfect combination of everything that a user wants in a smartwatch. It has high-tech features, is affordable and stylish. XWatch smartwatch helps simplify lives and saves a lot of your time. There’s no more turning back for your smartphones with this smartwatch providing the ultimate features. For those opting for a high tech smartwatch at an affordable rate, we would suggest that XWatch is your best bet. Stay healthy, be more stylish and show off your XWatch to all those techie friends of your by placing an order for it right away!

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