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When was the last time you looked at your reduced electricity bill and sighed a breath of relief? A good guess would be never! Climatic changes in recent times have been so drastic that prolonged summers and late winters have created havoc in ways more than one. Global warming has done its bit too in raising not just the temperature but the electricity bills too! Another scenario which causes disruption to mental peace and existence itself is when natural disasters strike. They always come uninvited and sometimes leave their presence felt for days after striking in the form of power shortages, blackouts, etc. Be it storm or rain, such natural calamities can come by at the most unexpected of times putting life at a standstill. It is during times like these that one longs for either a miracle to happen or wish for some technological advancement to help solve mishaps that arise from such disasters.

Just as in the case of any scientific invention, a lot of research and brainstorming goes behind the creation of products that help simplify our lives. Electrical appliances have revolutionized the way we function on a day-to-day basis but oftentimes a lot of energy goes wasted for the same. It is the result of constant need for comfort which has resulted in the invention of extraordinary creations like the heater, air conditioner, air purifier, electricity generator, etc. However, all these appliances seem useless when power shortage strikes. The cause may be natural or unnatural but the effect power cuts leave behind is the same – misery and inconvenience. That’s when one yearns to bring about positive changes in this regard and often turn to sustainability. Today we will discuss in-depth about a remarkable electricity generator that works on a principle similar to that of how electric cars work. This valuable information has been compiled in an eBook called Tyranny Liberator authored by Michael Morris.

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About Tyranny Liberator

Tyranny Liberator is an eBook based on the principle on which electric cars run. For years this priceless secret was kept from the rest of the world for obvious reasons. Michael Morris was determined to change all of that and relieve the masses from mounted up expenses that sprung in the form of electricity bills. By spending as little as $200 to purchase the raw materials and thoroughly following instructions as mentioned in the electronic guide, you can save yourself from your life’s worth of fortune going depleted due to the ever-rising electricity bills. The ebook has been simplified and divided into 4 modules for people to better understand and garner the information needed. It contains information on how one can produce as well as store electricity based on a revolutionary power generation system. This system, known as the Power Wall, can be charged either through the solar panel or through regular electric generators. The best part is it can be set up at home in order to be able to reap lifetime benefits and live a stress-free, happy life! Also, once set-up has been completed, the system calls for less maintenance cost and hence reduces further expenditure as compared to regular electricity generators. All the data required can be downloaded in video and PDF formats immediately after the purchase has been done.

How Does Tyranny Liberator Work?

The main component used in the Power Wall system mentioned in the Tyranny Liberator is recycled electric car batteries. The significance of these batteries is that they can hold large amounts of power for prolonged time periods. Precisely put, by charging these batteries for merely 20 minutes you can drive around for over 370 miles without disruptions. Bearing in mind this principle of electric car batteries, Michael Morris introduced through the cyber world the Tyranny Liberator, thereby bringing to life the Power Wall system for the benefit of the masses. Simply follow instructions diligently, set the system up, mount it upon the walls in your home and witness energy being produced and stored for days to come, to the awe and comfort of everyone at home. It is said that energy can be stored in this manner up to 20 days and you will see a considerable decrease in your electricity bill – up to 60-70% less! All you need to do is to recharge the battery for 30 minutes and the system will work efficiently for up to 2 days without any electrical disruptions.

As mentioned above, let us discuss the 4 modules of the Tyranny Liberator in detail:

1) Module 1 – Tools and Materials

This module consists of information regarding the tools and materials needed to build the system. In this way, you can easily set up your own energy-generating device and enjoy an unlimited supply of electricity at a negligible cost.

2) Module 2 – Assembling the Cell Modules

As the heading suggests, in this module you will get all the information you need to assemble the various items needed to set up the Power Wall system.

3) Module 3 – Testing and Sorting the Cells

In this module, you will learn how to successfully test the cells once the set-up has been completed. Also, you will get the information needed to sort out the good cells from the bad ones, which cells can be reused, etc. it also gives detailed information regarding the right voltage at which set-up needs to run.

4) Module 4 – Assembling a Battery Management System

This module will explain how one can charge the batteries effectively in order to produce electricity in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring maximum production for usage.

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Advantages of Tyranny Liberator

As with any man-made device, the Tyranny Liberator also comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a look at some of the advantages before deciding to invest in it.

  • It comes in the form of a compact ebook so once downloaded you can garner information even when you’re on the go.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It helps to reduce the electricity bill by almost 60-70% less as compared to before installing the set-up as explained in the ebook.
  • It is an eco-friendly set-up.
  • It helps to produce as well as store energy for prolonged time periods.
  • The ebook contains video instructions as well as PDF files which further simplifies setting up the Power Wall system.
  • Once set, the system is compact, is easily portable and can be mounted on any wall hassle-free.
  • The raw materials needed for the set-up are easily available and cost-friendly. The ebook guides the buyer where and what can be purchased from.
  • The ebook is priced reasonably.
  • No external power supply is needed to generate in-house electricity once set-up has been completed.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The entire set-up is risk-free.
  • It improves the quality of life and renders one tension-free.

Disadvantages of Tyranny Liberator

As of now the only notable disadvantage of the Tyranny Liberator worth mentioning is that since it is an ebook it can only be purchased online. This may seem inconvenient to some customers who are stationed in remote areas with minimal or no internet access. But on the plus side, since it is a life-changing investment it won’t hurt to put necessary efforts to grab hold of this ebook which contains revolutionary information on how one can decrease the expenses on a household necessity one cannot do without. Also, one must make sure to carefully read every module and follow the instructions in the guide lest the set-up does not give the satisfactory result as it is supposed to.

Pricing, Money Back Guarantee, And Refund Policy

Tyranny Liberator by Michael Morris is priced at $49.97. Currently, it can be grabbed at some unbelievable offers, one among them is a preview video for $0! Another offer they are running is you can get the ebook along with support for just $17. It may sound hard to believe but that’s the offer they are running for a limited period of time. The company guarantees that all data can be downloaded as soon as payment has been made.

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Another point to be noted is that once the copy of the ebook is in hand, you need to spend an additional amount of $200 in order to purchase the raw materials for the Power Wall system. Also, lest a customer is unsatisfied or unsure of the ebook within 60 days of purchase, then the seller guarantees a 100% money-back offer. In order to own a copy, you need to place an online order and wait for the company to send you a confirmation email along with the order number. Payment can be made online through PayPal, Visa, American Express or any other identified payment method for all purchases. All other terms and conditions of purchase are mentioned on their official site. Post-set-up maintenance cost is also negligible which makes this investment affordable to people hailing from different financial backgrounds.

The company can be contacted only through the link provided below for all queries and concerns


Customer Reviews

Paul – from a very young age sustainability appealed to and fascinated me. I was opposed to the general practice of using natural resources carelessly. As I grew, so did my desire to live sustainably and eco-friendly rise. I was always on a quest to garner any and more info on how to live in such a manner and this is what lead me to learn about the Tyranny Liberator written by Michael Morris. Needless to say, before my wife could even enquire, I was on my way to build and set-up the Power Wall system which is mentioned in detail in the ebook. I have to say I have finally caught hold of what I was looking for all this while successfully. My household hasn’t fallen victim to any blackouts ever since the system was installed. I’m trying my bit to convince more people to grab their soft copies of the Tyranny Liberator and go eco-friendly.

George – Hailing from a middle-class background, mounting expenses always caused great inconveniences and quickened my heartbeat. It sometimes felt like a constant struggle to make ends meet. But all that has become a thing of the past thanks to the Tyranny Liberator. I cannot express my joy at the reduced electricity bill amount that has come my way for the past few months. I have been recommending the same to my friends and family all of whom have nodded their approval of this life-saving electrical invention. All thanks to Michael Morris for helping us lead an eco-friendly, stress-free life.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Taking into account the pros and cons of this revolutionary energy-generating guide, one can agree that the Tyranny Liberator is the kind of ebook that every individual should hold a copy of. In today’s world where due to careless usage of resources, all we hear of is extinction and depletion but one must also yearn to attain sufficient knowledge in order to alter such alarming courses. When one is empowered with the kind of information one can garner from sources like the Tyranny Liberator it can be highly beneficial for generations to come. If little kids can create wonders with the currently-trending DIY projects then surely the Power Wall system, as explained in detail in the Tyranny Liberator, is the kind of DIY project every grown person should try and attempt. Not only will this self-producing and storing energy system improve life in general but it can also save one from the hassle of unwanted expenses. Lack of knowledge may still deem a majority of masses suffering from adverse effects of climate changes and related disruptions. Thus, it is up to those who are empowered with the required knowledge to spread the word. In this manner, everyone can reap benefits equally and alike. So don’t think twice before investing into something as remarkably life-changing as the Tyranny Liberator. Place an order for this eBook right away to contribute towards making this world an eco-friendly place to live in.

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