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Here is your answer to the complete ‘do it yourself’ when it comes to woodworking. Ted’s woodworking is a massive digital collection of more than 16,000 easy to follow, detailed woodworking projects. It comes with plans and blueprints in a PDF format to help you build your own home furniture, garden chairs, dressers, furniture plans, mirrors, guitars, signs, kitchen projects, playhouses, pet houses, and so on. The woodworks available in today’s market might not come with the customization or specifications you require or you aspire to be able to build all by yourself. Created by Ted McGrath, this compilation of plans and blueprints for woodworking is one of the most popular woodworking plans and project packages available online today.

Ted has over twenty-five years’ worth of work experience. It was when he started facing problems while dealing with the other woodworking guides available in the market that he decided to share this easy to follow plans with over 16,000 choices. This package ensures to help you to easily build your project regardless of your experience in the woodworking industry. The program contains an incredible number of woodworking plans that range from simple cutting and assembly to creating masterpieces with very intricate and complicated designs. It will help a beginner who tries woodworking as a stress-busting hobby. It will also, equally help, a well experienced professional in this field.

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About Ted’s Woodworking

Ted’s woodworking is a guide for beginners in the field of woodworking. This guide has the world’s largest database of woodworking projects. It has even bagged the reader’s choice award by the woodworking association. This package claims to have the earth’s largest database of woodworking projects with over 16,000 detailed, step by step plans that will help you complete your project. It is an added bonus that there are no prerequisites such as expensive tools or large workshops.

The plans available in the market are not specific enough. They lack steps, descriptions or the exact measurements and assume you are a master craftsman with easy access to the expensive tools and leave out important information vital to a beginner. Without much experience, one may not know how to fill in the blanks while using the other guide available in the market.

Ted McGrath is a certified master woodworker, trainer, author and well-respected member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute. He noticed that a lot of his students were still facing the problems he faced as a beginner and thus decided to help everyone with this easy to follow and very detailed guide of plans for almost anything related to woodworking.

He believes in making use of detailed plans to ensure maximum output for the bearest of input. He regularly publishes articles on woodworking. This is especially helpful when:

  • Something you want isn’t available in the market and you end up deciding to make it yourself.
  • You want to build something all by yourself, from scratch.
  • You struggle to find a good guide with easy to follow step by step plans that do not require expensive tools to make your dream project become a reality.
  • You do not want to shell out a fortune on getting someone to build according to your customization.

Ted’s Woodworking will be of great assistance in such scenarios. The plans available online are usually incomplete and difficult to comprehend for a beginner. The same goes for the ones seen in magazines. Such plans almost always require an extensive array of expensive tools and a huge workshop. They also, in most cases, do not include a cut sheet that leads the builder to guess the number of materials required. Such plans tend to make things appear easier by not providing complete steps and also by providing inaccurate measurements. Moreover, the included pictures provided are traps and often do not match what is being built. None of these are easy for a beginner. However, Ted’s Woodworking ensures easy to follow plans of over thousands of projects for professionals and amateurs alike.

It also comes with added bonuses like lifetime access to free plans that are drafted at their workshop and released every month. With free access to the membership area, these new monthly plans can be easily downloaded. You get to choose your own custom projects as well. A request can be made to draft a certain plan and it will be drafted in the upcoming cycle. It contains a lot of downloadable guides as well. In case you find the plans too hard to follow, or if you are worried that you are missing a few steps, do not worry. There are videos that will come extremely useful in such instances. And to further help the customer out, these videos contain tutorials along with easy step by step training clips to help you out in each and every project.

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is at now or what your budget is, Ted’s woodworking is guaranteed to making thousands of available projects possible. It is so comprehensible that it practically builds itself.

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tedwood working plans

Pros of Ted’s Woodworking

  • Suitable for different levels– A large number of woodworkers at different skill levels are going to benefit from this package, without a doubt. The concise nature of these woodworking plans gives the beginners enough confidence to build their first project. With the solid foundation given to them through these plans, they are able to build their level of confidence and confidently move on to more complex carpentry projects and increase their level of skills too. Advanced and professional woodworkers will equally appreciate the huge variety of different projects and time saved as Ted’s Woodworking will provide you with the perfect compilation of plans.
  • ​Availability of bonuses– When you order Ted’s Woodworking Package, you are showered upon with other bonuses such as free drawing and CAD plan viewer, 150 premium woodworking videos and the complete woodworking carpentry guide.
  • ​Organized– This package, despite including numerous plans, are surprisingly well organized and not the mess you expect it to be. The exact project want is easily accessible. Another advantage is that it has been well-labeled into beginner, intermediate and advanced, depending upon the level of complexity and the skill level required per project.
  • Availability of an expansive group of plans– The plans that are included in this package are manifold. Another benefit is that the level of difficulty of the projects rises slowly as you go through the projects, starting with the easier projects and slowly moving onto more complex ones. But you don’t even have to worry about the complex plans as the simple step by step instructions makes sure that the complicated plan is a piece of cake even for an amateur. It makes sure you are engaged with this hobby for days.
  • Video Library– The video library is yet another useful addition as you get to access a lot of woodworking tutorials online. Additionally, customers get lifetime access to the tutorials that are updated with new releases of plans every month.
  • Good customer support– This package is an amateur’s dream come true with easy to follow step by step instructions. However, this doesn’t mean that the need for customer support would not arise. Ted’s Woodworking has kept this in mind and provides very good customer support to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Good value for money– This product ensures that even one or two completed projects make it worth the money, and keeping in mind that this package has over thousands of projects, which makes it a fairly low coasted package.
  • The satisfaction of creating something yourself – With the help of this package,- it deems it possible to make your own furniture, gifts and other woodworks, all by yourself from scratch. It gives immense pride and satisfaction to make something yourself that can be used around the house or be gifted to your friends and family. With its help, you will now be able to make unique smooth and exclusive toys for your children, of which you can boast around. Not everyone can experience the feeling of knowing what exactly goes into your child’s toy and also know that it is 100% safe.
  • A good solution for stress busting-in today’s busy world- Almost everyone suffers from stress and is in need of a stress-busting hobby to combat stress and anxiety. For people who are in search of something that can take their mind off stress and also provide a useful byproduct as a result, this is the perfect answer as it makes sure even the amateurs can easily build their own woodworks without causing any more stress.

Pricing, Money-Back Guarantee, and Refund Policy

The product is priced at $67 for now but will soon be sold at $297, which is its actual price. The product comes with 60 days 100% money-back guarantee, which enables you to receive back your money if you are not satisfied with the product. You have to request a refund within 60 days of purchase for the ‘100% money-back guarantee’ to work.

tedswood working review

Cons of Ted’s woodworking

Every coin has two sides to it. Similarly, Ted’s woodworking also has a few limitations as positives cannot exist without negatives. There are a few limitations to this product. The cons of this package are as follows:

  • False advertising– So the package does not exactly have the 16,000 plans as it claims to have. But it sure has tens of thousands of projects to keep you occupied for a very long time. You still will have a lot of choices to choose from.
  • Lack of search index– Ted’s woodworking comes with tens of thousands of plans and projects. This leads to the problem of not being able to find exactly what you are looking for quickly, without the convenience of a search index and can become extremely stressful to many.
  • Plans cannot be edited according to preferences– It is not possible to edit and make your own changes to the project as it is in PDF format. Since it is an online database, there is a limitation to add footnotes or calculations to your preference and convince on the plan, as you would on a hard copy.
  • Spoiled for options– it is an added advantage that there are a lot of different plans and projects available so as to be able to build almost anything you fancy. But at the same time, it acts as a negative too, because it is difficult to choose what the next project is going to be. You have so many options that you are spoiled for choice.

Customer Reviews

Nicholas – As the majority of the projects are for things that can be used in and around the house, it is extremely useful. I now make most of the furniture required at home and also sometimes make interesting wooden toys for my niece, Stacy who is very happy with these unique gifts.

tedswood working reviews

Paul Bradly – this an amazing package with marvelous projects. I love how I have become a hero in front of my friends and family with the woodworks I complete. My wife is very proud of me. She likes showing off things that I make.

Cristopher Harry – I started building things using these plans and now a lot of people are interested to buy these products from me. I am extremely happy.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Ted’s Woodworking seems like the perfect guide to help you build your own do-it-yourself woodwork projects for amateurs and professionals alike with well explained, all-inclusive, easy to follow step-by-step instructions that don’t need a prerequisite of expensive tools or huge working space. The instructions make sure that the A-Z of woodworking is covered. The projects are accompanied by diagrams from all angles so that you know how the product will end up, unlike certain plans where the figures shown may not be of the end product. This is an amazing buy for people who are into Do-It-Yourself after all anything made from wood has a beauty and charm in itself.

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