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Smartwatches have replaced the regular wristwatch. They keep track of more than time. These smartwatches are computing devices that you can wear on your wrist. They have health apps and can receive and make phone calls. They do so much more but for a regular person, this is something that is needed on a regular basis. In addition, most smartwatches have the Bluetooth feature. However, not all smartwatches are affordable and those that are affordable do not have the features that make them so desirable. So, when you get a smartwatch that not only has all the necessary features but is also affordable, you begin to wonder if it is legit or a scam.

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About TechWatch

TechWatch is a smartwatch that offers all the features that the big brands offer but at an affordable price. If you have an active lifestyle or if you have medical issues that need continuous monitoring, then you should consider this product. It is also the best gadget for all those who have a busy career, need a reminder for their tasks, be on the phone for a long time and need to be on their toes indefinitely, because it does all these and more for you. Once you start using this device, it will become an integral part of your life.

Features of TechWatch

  • TechWatch takes care of you, irrespective of whether you lead an active or inactive lifestyle. It logs your heart rate, pulse, sleep and other vitals.
  • It has a Retina HD Touch Screen which is Android and iOS compatible.
  • The TechWatch is made of high-quality material. It looks and feels luxurious on the wrist and is trendy as well as smart.
  • The price is decently reasonable. Although this watch is comparatively new in the smartwatch industry, it is a gamechanger because of its being reasonably priced.
  • The TechWatch is equipped with features such as calendar alerts, chronometer and alarm.
  • It has an electrocardiogram that gives a very accurate reading, which you can show to your cardiologist.
  • It also has a step counter and a sleep tracker. Use this sleep tracker to monitor your sleep patterns.
  • This smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android. It uses a regular USB port for charging, which makes it easy to charge it anywhere. However, the biggest advantage of this gadget is its long battery life that ensures that you don’t have to charge it too frequently; use the power saving mode to stop battery wastage throughout the day.
  • Another laudable feature is the GPS that helps you locate this gadget if you misplace it. It has an “anti-lost function” that you have to activate so that your location always remains updated and helps in tracking the misplaced TechWatch.

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Technical Features of TechWatch

  • Automatic silent alarm;
  • Automatic sleep monitoring;
  • Activity tracker – Tracks steps taken, calorie intake and distance walked/jogged;
  • Remote Camera;
  • Retina HD touch screen;
  • Long battery life – I-Lithium Polymer Battery;
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS;
  • Call and message notifications;
  • Manufactured using ultra-resistant aluminum;
  • Waterproof;
  • Silicon band;
  • 44 x 38 x 10.7 mm size;
  • 8g weight;
  • Bluetooth;
  • 50g weight.

Additional Features of TechWatch

In addition to the above, the TechWatch comes with the following useful features : –

  • The heart sensor is very accurate and is especially designed for people suffering from heart conditions or those who are prone to anxiety. It lets you know when you need to rest and take it easy.
  • The TechWatch has Bluetooth 4.0 protocol that helps in finding the clock quickly.
  • It has numerous faces that you can choose from.
  • Can be worn while swimming because of its being waterproof.

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How Does The TechWatch Work?

This smartwatch is very popular among sportspersons, including athletes, and businessmen. It is like your personal assistant that taken on much of your workload. It sets alarms for you, reminds you of appointments, tracks your sleep and health and lets you know when you have to be active. Even a 10 minute walk during a busy day can help you be active. When you reach your activity goals, the watch informs you. It reminds you when you have to sleep, and the time you should wake up for a healthy life.

The TechWatch is durable and comfortable. It is also stylish and trendy. The glass is durable and no matter how rough your lifestyle is, the screen remains protected. The silicon strap is very comfortable and you can wear it throughout the day as smartwatches are meant to be.

Its stylish and luxurious look ensures that you do not have to change watches for an evening out. It fits in right with the most casual and the business looks.

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How To Use the TechWatch

Switch on the smartwatch by long pressing the side button.

Use the Bluetooth to connect the watch to your phone.

Use the health tracker to monitor calorie rate, steps taken, distance covered and the heart condition during activity.

Wear the TechWatch when you are running, jogging or swimming.

You can accept or reject calls using the buttons on the side and the display screen.

Recharge the TechWatch for an hour.

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What is the Reason for the Popularity of the TechWatch?

  • The TechWatch is the first watch that offers you a fitness tracker and a smartwatch in a single wearable device.
  • It has a display that is very easy to read and of high quality.
  • It tracks the heart rhythm and rate accurately.
  • It has a sleeping monitor, tracker for menstrual cycle and is water resistant.
  • It displays your activity progress in the form of activity rings so that you are aware about how much more you need to be active.
  • The TechWatch comes equipped with voice assistant that can be used for making and receiving calls, make appointments and so much more.
  • The TechWatch is also popular among senior citizens because of its mobile support feature that allows senior citizens to get help wherever they are. They can use wifi technology to set alarms for their medications and even have a weather forecast when they need to move out.

Purchase and Price

You can buy TechWatch from the official website of the manufacturer. It is quite easy to order this product. All that you need to do to order this is choose one of the offered deals, choose the variant and then checkout.

Checkout using your credit card. Checkout is safe and secure.

Christmas Deal

The manufacturer is offering a massive 50% to 69% discount for the holiday season. If you have been looking for a smartwatch, now is the time to buy it. This offer is only for Christmas and the product will be available for the original price after the holiday season.

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Money-back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The order is processed within 20 days of placing the order. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can ask for a refund by contacting the customer support of the company. You have the option of claiming a refund within 30 days from the date of delivery. Visit the website for more details.

Why is the TechWatch Reasonably Priced?

The price of the TechWatch makes you wonder if it is a legit deal or scam. But, if you observe, the product is not advertised. The company prefers to let the reviews and the quality of the product be their advertisement.

While other big brands spend a lot on advertising, TechWatch saves on those costs and instead, give the consumers a good deal.


Pros and Cons of TechWatch


  • Long battery life
  • Reminder alerts
  • Health tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Electrocardiogram features
  • GPS
  • Anti-lost features
  • Good quality glass
  • Waterproof


Customer Testimonials

techwatch reviews

Matt – I am an athlete and I lead an active life. But I cannot keep track of my activity throughout the day because of my busy schedule. This watch is a godsend because it helps me know how much distance I have covered and if I have been able to meet my running goals. It has also helped detect a heart condition. When I observed that my pulse rate had been consistently high, I consulted a physician and showed the reading of my TechWatch. The physician crosschecked the readings and confirmed their accuracy. The problem has been treated. All thanks to the TechWatch, it could be detected and treated before it became a big medical issue and a heart condition.

Lisa – I have been trying to lose weight but have been unable to track the calories burnt. My husband suggested that I should start using a smartwatch. All smartwatches are so exorbitantly priced that I have always hesitated buying one. All except TechWatch. This smartwatch gives me the features of all expensive brands within my budget. I can track my activity and my calorie count. I can also track my goals and push towards them easily now.

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It is obvious that TechWatch is one of the best available smartwatches at a reasonable price. You don’t need to read the customer testimonials to know that. However, reading the experiences of other customers does help cement the fact that this watch is a good buy and investment.

TechWatch is reasonably priced. It has great features for the young and the not-so-young. The case is durable. It is both iOS and Android friendly, has activity trackers, health trackers, is water and dustproof and has a massive battery life.

What more would you want your watch to do?

Oh Yes! It can also send and receive messages and your calls. It is your personal assistant that just does the work without intruding into your personal life.

Right now, you can take advantage of the Christmas Deal and buy this product at a discount of 50% to 69% depending on the number of watches that you order.

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