TC1200 PRO Flashlight Review

The TC 1200 is not the average Flashlight. It is one of the most developed and advanced products ever. The TC 1200 is light-years ahead of other brands. It is not a conventional product which performs just one function. It is an advanced model flashlight which is designed to be used for tactical operations with a very wide array of features. The normal demand from a flashlight is to illuminate dark spaces. There are many features that come along with this tactical Flashlight.

The Flashlight can be used in a lot of situations. It can be hung from a place and be used as a light for a medium-sized space. If camping is the agenda, then this is a good purchase. It has different functions. The torch is made in such a way that it has the best range of features on at the most reasonable price. The Flashlight is a great asset for trail-walkers. It has a function which allows to signal other teammates and provide a proper source of location.

The TC 1200 Flashlight is very strong and sturdy. Since it’s made for tactical purposes, it has a very strong shell which protects itself from being dropped or against any hard contact. The Flashlight has different modes in which it has many applications. It covers the spectrum of usage from that of an average household, to a camping situation and then to a full-fledged tactical use.

TC1200 PRO

About The Product

There is only one confusion, where to start talking about the TC 1200 flashlight. It has so many incredible features, each one better than the other. This makes the Flashlight a must-have for every person. The Flashlight is manufactured in the USA. It provides one of the best quality experiences. There are some brilliant features that make this Flashlight stand out in the crowd. It has one of the lightest bodies. The material used for the making of the body is a high-quality, low weight alloy.

When manufacturing the TC 1200 Flashlight, there has been no compromise in the quality of the components used to make it. It is a beautiful mix of the best quality components combined at a very considerable price and with an amazing number of features. The company offers a lot for a very nominal exchange on monetary terms.

The TC 1200 Flashlight is trusted by the policemen, army and other law enforcement agencies because of its quality and high standards. In times of need, the Flashlight always proves it’s mettle. Whether it is for a late run in the park, or a routine check in a huge compound or even to blind an assailant in the night, the TC 1200 is your best option.

The Flashlight is small and handy. It fits perfectly inside the hand. The design of the TC 1200 is such that it doesn’t slip out of hand or roll out and fall. The features of this incredibly crafted piece of technology are so supportive of it’s use. Thereby, below given are the features of the TC 1200 Flashlight.


The TC 1200 Flashlight is the top of the range of tactical flashlights in the market now. It clearly sets it’s standard by rising to a whole new level. It is easily distinguishable because of its built quality and loaded features. The use of the product is fantastic and fun-filled due to its simple complexity. The features are:-

  • CREE LED lights – The company uses high-quality CREE LED lights for spreading or focusing light. This LED is the best in class and has the power to provide up to 1200 lumens. This means, there’s a lot of light that is produced by the Flashlight. The Flashlight is very powerful, even though it is small and compact. The LED used is CREE Xml2. This ensures in spreading the light even into the darkest areas within its range. This is why this Flashlight is used for tactical purposes.
  • This Flashlight is certified waterproof to the level IP 67. In times of use, contact with water is un-avoidable. Penn’s to me to get this issue the Flashlight has been certified waterproof IP 67. This ensures the integrity of the Flashlight and protects the inner components from getting wet. Hence, curbing damage of any kind. This function is very much needed since the use of the Flashlight is mostly outdoors.
  • The quality and level of brightness emitted from the Flashlight is constant and of high power. This constant flow of light is ensured by digital regulation of light provided through different modes. When light is provided constantly at the same rate, then the visual provided also remains constant. This is very important in terms of tactical combat operation. If there is any fluctuation in the light, the focus can shift leading to grievous results.
  • Intensity of the light can be chosen in different levels. High, medium, low, strobe light and SOS. When there is a need for adjusting the levels of the light brightness or if in need of help, there is the possibility of choosing the SOS mode. This helps in the identification of the location even in the darkest of nights. The Flashlight is very powerful when it comes to light intensity.
  • Built quality:- The Flashlight is made of a strong Aluminum alloy that is the same composition that is used to craft the bodies of airplanes. This makes the alloy super light and super strong. Daily use of the TC 1200 Flashlight makes it prone to a lot of unnecessary and hard contact. This is where most of the flashlights fail the test.
  • The Flashlight is protected with high temperature withstanding material on its outer layer. This makes it even more reliable in extreme weather and temperature conditions.

TC1200 PRO Flashlight

How Does TC 1200 Work?

The TC 1200 is high quality and high performance delivering Flashlight. When in need, there is just one thing to do.

Pick up the Flashlight and choose what it has to do at that moment. The Flashlight runs on 3 AAA batteries or a single Li-ion battery which is rechargeable. This makes the function of the Flashlight very cost-effective. AAA batteries are not expensive and are easily available.

The Flashlight is waterproof and shock-resistant, which makes it incredibly dependable. Since the built quality is of such sturdiness, the company has put it through a couple of tests.

  • Boiling water – The Flashlight was immersed in boiling water for a period of time, and the observation was that it worked perfectly fine. This proves that the product has good durability or tolerance against heat.
  • Fire test – The torch was set on fire. Even after a few minutes of being engorged in flames, the light lived up to its name.
  • Load test – The company then decided to test the sturdiness of the Flashlight. The torch was run over by a truck. The results showed that the torch passed with flying colors. There was no damage to it other than faint scratches. The body of the torch is made of high-grade aluminum which has been tested and approved for the use of manufacturing parts of the airplane.
  • After all these above tests, the creator decided to float the Flashlight into space. The torch was carried up to a height of 111000 feet and then brought back down to the ground. Again, incredibly, it had no issues at all. It worked just as perfectly as it did before it went up.

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How To Use the TC 1200 Flashlight?

Insert the 3 AAA sized batteries in the battery slot or 1 Lithium-ion battery. Now the Flashlight is good to go. Whether as a lamp in camping tents, like a flashlight for night-guards, policemen and domestic homes, the Flashlight performs alike. The Flashlight is very sturdy and powerful.

Benefits of The Product

The TC 1200 Flashlight is a brilliant investment when it comes to flashlights. It has unparalleled excellence in terms of built quality, powerful light and integrity of the whole product. The Flashlight has amazing features and qualities. When compared to other products available in the same range, the TC 1200 emerges out as the winner regardless of anything. The benefits of the TC 1200 are as follows:-

  1. Aluminium Alloy Body:- The Flashlight has an aluminium enforced alloy body which is cleared by authorities for the use of aviation manufacturer. So even if it falls from great heights or gets run over by a huge vehicle, it will not even be slightly fazed by the pressure. It is crafted in such a way that the pressure on it is spread out onto the whole of its body.
  2. CREE LED:- The CREE LED is the strongest and the brightest led package in the market now. With its blindingly intense light, this torch is a faithful companion to policemen, army personnel, night guards and for domestic uses alike. It lights up the area shone over in detail and is very bright.
  3. Product Life:– The organization promises a 100,000-hour life to the torch. This is an amazing way to secure trust. The company believes it the product and stands by its quality. The product, in turn, speaks for itself. It is an incredibly durable product.
  4. Water resistance:- The product has high water resistance. It is IP 67 certified for water resistance standards. Whether it’s fieldwork or tactical missions or even plumbing issues in the basement of the house, it is all the same. It shows it’s mettle whenever required. The reliability factor of the TC 1200 is very high.
  5. Size Advantage:- The size Advantage of the TC 1200 Flashlight is quite remarkable. With dimensions of 5.09 * 1.90 inches, it is a power-packed product which rests well inside the palm. The Flashlight weighs just 5.6 ounces. This makes it small and super-light to handle. In this way, the TC 1200 Flashlight is one of the coolest utility items to buy.
  6. Design:- The TC 1200 is designed and structured in such a way that it does not fall easily. What is unique in its design is that it has grooves and cuts that are strategically placed at the bottom of the torch to give a better grip when handling it. Even when it falls, it is the same groove that helps absorb the impact. This is one of the best features of the torch.
  7. Hard testing:- To look at the durability of the product, the creator went ahead and put it on an obstacle course. It included being set on fire, being run over by a truck, put in hot boiling water and was even sent into an attitude of 100,000 feet. Despite the hard conditions, the product came through with flying colors. This is a huge achievement and also.

Purchase And Price

The TC 1200 Flashlight is priced at a competitive and you can buy at official website.

  • $56 for one piece.
  • $117 for three pieces.
  • $145 for five pieces.
  • $240 for ten pieces.

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Cash back policy

There is a cashback policy for 30 days. This is one of the best deals for a flashlight with these many features and durability.


Is it a good investment?
Yes, it is a wonderful investment. It is a Military Quality flashlight at such a low price, loaded with features and amazing utilities.

Does the TC 1200 have a warranty?
Yes , it has a 30 day cash back policy. This can be applied within 30 days of purchase and returned to the warehouse in time.


  • It’s waterproof and certified IP 67.
  • It is heat resistant.
  • It is made of Aircraft grade aluminum.
  • It has 5 modes of light intensity.
  • It has a life of 100,000 hours.
  • It is extremely durable and also slip-resistant.
  • 30 day return policy is available in with this product.


  • There are a lot of issues with fake brands, so it is only available on the official site.

Customer Testimonials

TC1200 PRO Flashlight review

Robert ~ This is one of the best flashlights I have ever used in my life. It helps me to keep a constant check on my cattle and horses at my ranch. Since I live in an area where there are a lot of pumas, I have to be extra alert. At night when it gets dark and when I have to check around the farm, this gives me a great view of the entire area.

Liam ~ The most amazing part about this product is that the view of the area that it is shone onto is very much visible. It also gives me an option to choose which intensity of the light. Its weight and size is the best feature about it. It’s a piece of cake for me to carry around . When I am on night duty, this is my best friend. Its powerful light can blind a person. It gives me confidence.


It is an amazing product at an amazing price. That is what this Flashlight is all about. With military-grade design and quality, this is the best deal for the money in terms of a multi-purpose flashlight. If it’s a walk in the night or an early run in the park before sunrise, this product is the best. With the best in class aviation-grade aluminum as the outer shell, this is one of the most durable flashlights ever.

With 5 modes of lighting and also signal function, this is the only Flashlight that gives a 30-day cash back policy. What happens then is that, in return for the money spent, there is an exchange of one of the best available utility products in the market.

Everything being said, the conclusion is that TC 1200 is an asset worth the price. Its durability and quality of build is the best in business.

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