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Have you ever had the experiences of a poor Wi-Fi connection? Probably not being able to upload images and stories on your social media accounts, failing to send to an important email, maybe the download of your favorite show is interrupted or maybe your transactions are interrupted at the last stage? Of course, all of us have experienced failure of Wi-Fi, even if we pay massive bills per month for the Wi-Fi connection. All other Wi-Fi connections promise great speeds and amazing reception, but when it comes to practical use of the connection, it fails big time. All your problems regarding Wi-Fi comes to an end with the introduction of SuperBoost Wi-Fi.

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About SuperBoost WiFi

The manufacturers of SuperBoost Wi-Fi believe that a dependable and a strong Wi-Fi connection is the right of everybody using Wi-Fi connections. SuperBoost Wi-Fi is a product created, keeping in mind your time, which is extremely precious. SuperBoost Wi-Fi is available in the form of an adapter, which is just to be plugged in to a power outlet for use. It is very convenient and easy to use, with simple instruction manual and web setup in the package. SuperBoost Wi-Fi also gives you amazing range, reception and speed up to 300 Mbps. So, it is time to forget all your reception and seed issues regarding your Wi-Fi by just buying SuperBoost.

How does SuperBoost WiFi work?

SuperBoost Wi-Fi is basically a signal amplifier that supports your accessibility to internet, wirelessly. It is available in the form of a convenient adapter, which is to be plugged in to a power outlet and you will be ready to go. The package also contains simple and easy instruction manuals and web setup, so just plug the adapter and configure SuperBoost Wi-Fi to any of your devices. The manufacturers do not compromise on your privacy and security as there exists a built-in feature of password encryption. SuperBoost Wi-Fi becomes your perfect companion for travel as it is very handy and portable.

SuperBoost WiFi Booster

Benefits of SuperBoost WiFi

  • Fast transmission speedBoosts existing Wi-Fi speed to up to 300 Mbps. Ideal for HD Video streaming also.
  • Compact designSuper Boost has a compact design. It is ultra-portable and ideal for travel also.
  • Easy to useIt has an easy instruction manual and a web setup. Just plug into a standard wall socket and configure Super Boost to your Wi-Fi using your phone or tablet or laptop or PC.  
  • Simple setupSuper Boost is very easy to set-up.  There is a built in installation wizard which can be accessed through web. It is so easy and convenient, even a child can setup the Super Boost.
  • Built in safety featuresSuper Boost repeater also supports security encryption, i.e., password encryption. Also it has built in protection software so that you can use your internet safely without any worry.  

What does SuperBoost WiFi cost?

The company is offering SuperBoost Wi-Fi at discounted rates for the time being.

Remember, more SuperBoost Wi-Fi receptors you buy, more is discount that you get, which is clearly evident and also you get better reception with more SuperBoost Wi-Fi connections.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company takes satisfaction and pride in their product, SuperBoost Wi-Fi and hence they offer a whopping 30-day money back guarantee. This proves the confidence and the belief the manufacturer places in the product. If you are unsatisfied with your SuperBoost Wi-Fi connection, just contact the company, get a replacement or 100 percent money back, without any questions asked. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does SuperBoost Wi-Fi work in foreign areas?
Yes, absolutely you can use SuperBoost Wi-Fi in foreign areas as it will work everywhere. You can expand your internet signal to wrap the balcony, yard, or even the basement with SuperBoost Wi-Fi.

Is it possible to move the SuperBoost wifi after it has been installed?
Yes, it can be moved from one place to another after it has been installed. Unlike other routers, the SuperBoost Wi-Fi Booster does not have to be plugged into a mobile jack, so you can move it to any place in your house at any point of time and given its portable nature, it becomes your perfect travel companion.

Is there a limit to how many devices can be connected to SuperBoost Wi-Fi?
No, there is no limit to how many devices can be connected to SuperBoost Wi-Fi. You and all your loved ones can connect as many devices as required and with the progressed Wi-Fi signal, you all will have the experience of faster streaming and downloads.

Can I fix an additional SuperBoost Wi-Fi Booster to get strong internet speed?
Yes, I can fix an additional SuperBooster Wi-Fi Booster to get strong internet speed. With additional SuperBoost Wi-Fi Boosters, you can expand your wireless internet signal even further and create a solid and fast connection for all your devices.

Is SuperBoost Wi-Fi compatible with all my devices?
Yes, SuperBoost Wi-Fi is compatible with all devices. SuperBoost Wi-Fi operates with laptops, phones, computers, smart TVs and many more devices. Any model of any generation, if the device uses a Wi-Fi signal, it has to connect to SuperBoost Wi-Fi.

How difficult is it to connect to SuperBoost Wi-Fi?
It will take less than five minutes to get your SuperBoost Wi-Fi connected and you will be ready to go. The package contains a simple instruction manual and a web setup that even a child can install and connect. Just plug the SuperBoost Wi-Fi in to any power outlet in the wall, follow the instructions for installation and get your booster up and running.

Are my transactions safe and secure on the website?
Yes, your transactions are very safe and secure as your checkout is trusted by world recognized antivirus companies and agencies like McAfee Secure, Norton secure.

Does the company accept international orders?
Yes, the manufacturers of SuperBoost Wi-Fi are accepting domestic orders as well as international orders.

Do I get customer support from the company?
Yes, the company has a 24 by 7 toll free number and has different numbers for countries like Canada, USA, UK, so you can call and ask your further queries.

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Pros of SuperBoost WiFi

  • Boosts even weakest signals to the highest speed.
  • With Super Boost you can connect multiple devices.
  • The setup of Super Boost Wi-Fi is very simple and it starts to work almost immediately.
  • Super Boost Wi-Fi is portable.
  • Super Boost Wi-Fi is very easy to use.
  • Super Boost Wi-Fi is extremely compatible with both older and advanced devices.
  • With multiple Super Boost Wi-Fi, you can get a stronger signal.

Cons of SuperBoost WiFi

  • SuperBoost WiFi is only available online, on the official website of the manufacturer. It is not available in offline, local shops or other online websites.

Customer Testimonials

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I took over my father’s company, just a month back. The main problem I had was connecting to weak Wi-Fi signal in my office. I used about five different Wi-Fi boosters, bought locally but with no results. Then my friend at work recommended Super Boost Wi-Fi. Take my word, it was extremely easy to install following the steps provided in the manual. And instantly it started working. Now Wi-Fi speed in my office has increased to 10 times than before and my business also got a boost. I strongly recommend! Elizabeth Foy, 42, London.

I am a professional gamer, based in Los Angeles. I also upload game related videos of how to install a game, crack a game etc. on YouTube. I had used two Wi-Fi connections, both wired, but the speed and reception were not up to the mark. I play games that require heavy internet speeds, up to 200 Mbps. My games got interrupted due to slow internet speed. I got disappointed as I was paying huge monthly bills but was not getting my desired results. Then, my mom saw me one morning sad and depressed and asked the reason for it. I told her and the next day, she recommended SuperBoost Wi-Fi receptor to me. I was a bit hesitant at first, since my mom is technologically challenged, but I decided why not! And I am using it for a month now and it is undoubtedly the best Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to Mom and the manufacturers of SuperBoost Wi-Fi! James Wilson, Los Angeles, California.

I have a beach house at Malibu. The problem here, by the sea, is reception to Wi-Fi. When I am in the first floor of my house, my bathroom, the kitchen, in the balcony, I do not receive Wi-Fi. I thought it is an issue with every one living in Malibu, but that was not the case. Last month, when I attended an official party and told my best friend, who also happens to be my colleague at work regarding my problem with Wi-Fi, he actually started laughing at me. Then he ordered SuperBoost Wi-Fi, then and there for me. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and I can confidently say my issues with reception of Wi-Fi are over. Charlie Stone, 45, Malibu, California.

I was recruited by a multi-national company to work for them in their marketing department, a year ago. It involves sending a lot of emails, texts to clients, prospective clients and video calling with them. It started a month after I joined work. I thought I sent an email to a very significant client for the company, but my boss next day told me it had not been sent. I was demoted for the huge mistake. I knew in my heart it was not my mistake. The next day, two others had the same issue and boss had a problem in face timing with a prospective client. It was now clear the office Wi-Fi was problematic. I use SuperBoost Wi-Fi at my home and recommended my office to get 4 of them to save the most on the boosters. The SuperBoost Wi-Fi worked so well that next month, I was promoted to the manager of the marketing department. Rohit Singh, 30, Gurugram, India.

I am chartered accountant at a start-up. The company is doing quite well now, so the amount of work has increased over the last six months. Due to rapid increase in clients of the company, we have to send emails to them, regarding our products and we have to meet deadlines. There was a problem we all faced in our office, which was slow internet speed and poor reception of the internet. Because of this, we lost a few clients. Then while surfing the internet at home, I came across Super Boost Wi-Fi and the positive reviews that went along with it. I ordered two of them for our small office and dare I say not; it has proved to be beyond what I expected! Miriam, 43, Luxembourg.


The advanced applications and softwares used nowadays require a very high speed internet connection. And most of the time, our Wi-Fi connections are unable and incompetent to achieve the desired level. Often we end up unsuccessful in our attempts to upload our documents or during important transactions etc. And now there is an awesome solution, the Super Boost WiFi Signal Booster. It boosts your weak signals and maintains the high speed throughout. The speed does not decrease with the decrease in speed of your network. And most importantly, this portable plug in device is compatible with even older models of phone, tablets, laptops or PCs.

After using four other products, finally I found that Super Boost really works. So, please don’t delay, order immediately as there is a Holiday Sale going on. And make sure, you grab more devices so that your range is boosted and amplified, plus you get more benefits of the ongoing sale.

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