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Causes of a disturbed sleep can be many — it can be the stress that is bothering you, it can be the vibe of the place you’re sleeping in, it can be because you skipped your breakfast and you cannot fall asleep as your tummy is growling, and it could also be because you snore. Yes, dear people, as much as listening to others snoring can ruin your sleep, even if you do it, you’re affecting the quality of your sleep too. Snoring doesn’t just ruin your partner’s life, it ruins your life as well. And if both, your partner and you haven’t slept well, you’ll feel tired and fatigue throughout the next day. Any responsibility or work you take up, you won’t be able to give a 100 percent to it.

Not sleeping enough can ruin one’s career, family bonds, relationships, and one’s mental health as well. If you snore loudly, imagine the annoyance you’re causing to your better-half sleeping next to you, it isn’t just to do that to the person you love the most, isn’t it?

So, if the problem of snoring is worrying you the most, we have a solution for you, a really good one! But before we dig into it, let us all first understand what snoring is and how it needs to be dealt with. Read on.

silent snore review

What Is Snoring?

Many have the habit of snoring occasionally, and there’s nothing really to worry about it on the health front. Snoring is caused when one isn’t able to move air freely through the throat and nose while sleeping. This ends up vibrating the surrounding tissues and a snore is caused. People with floppy tissues or people who’ve too many tissues around the throat or in the nasal cavity are the ones who end up snoring while sleeping. Even the position of your tongues plays a role in this. If you have the problem of snoring every day, it can lead to irritability, fatigue, and can also lead to many health problems.

Causes of Snoring

Some of the common causes are:

  • Age: It is said that as one approaches middle age, the throat gets narrower, and even the muscle tone decreases and this causes you to snore. While one cannot help with the problems of aging, changes in lifestyle and good sleeping habits can prevent snoring.
  • Being Overweight: Poor conditions of the muscles and fatty tissues of the body could lead to snoring. Even if you’re carrying more weight across your neck or throat can also cause snoring.
  • Sinus And Nasal Problems: Stuffy nose or a blocked airway makes breathing, especially the inhalation difficult for many. This creates a vacuum in the throat and it results in snoring.
  • Smoking, Alcohol, And Medications: Doing these can lead to an over an increase in our muscles relaxing and might cause snoring.
  • Sleep Posture: Your sleeping positions can relax your throat way too much causing airways. And this leads to snoring.
  • Sleep apnea: Snoring is considered as one of the symptoms of a serious disease called sleep apnea. Therefore, if you find yourself suffering from sleepiness or are feeling over-fatigued, then, it’s an indication of a breathing problem or sleep apnea. If you snore in the following ways, it could be a certain problem:
  • You choke or gasp while sleeping
  • You fall asleep inappropriately, for example, during a meal or a conversation
  • You snore very heavily and loudly. And are often tired during the day.

Snoring Can Be Treated

While snoring can be taken care of with the help of surgery, there are several anti-snoring devices available in the market these days. Using any of these can solve one’s problem of snoring while sleeping. However, in order to completely treat the problem of snoring, one needs to find out the root cause of it — whether it’s obesity, alcohol addiction or obesity.

Do anti-snoring devices work? Well, they have received mixed reviews as it works for some and for some it doesn’t. Many don’t appreciate anti-snoring devices as it’s very uncomfortable to sleep while having an external object stuck to your body. And obtaining satisfying results also depends on the anti-snoring device you pick. We have one optimum level device that we want to introduce to you — Silent Snore!

A Brief About Silent Snore

This Hong Kong based product could be your one stop solution for all your snoring problems. It’s a tiny device that works its magic by propping your nose open. It comes in different sizes that will easily fit in nostrils of different shapes and sizes. It can be removed and cleaned easily as well. So, if you have a snoring problem, then we think Silent Snore will keep this problem at bay and will help your partner and you sleep peacefully.

Working of Silent Snore

We all already know that snoring is caused because the airways get blocked or the muscles and tissues around our throat relax way too much. While most of the anti-snore products available in the market work on the basis of opening the blocked airways or the nostril passages, Silent Snore works differently. It’s a tiny device that will hold the nostril open for you to breathe freely instead of closing it. By keeping the nostrils open, Silent Snore makes sure that your air passages aren’t obstructed anymore, thereby, helping you breathe freely without snoring.

The SilentSnore is pushed into the nasal opening before going to sleep.
SilentSnore Review
Breathe deeply again – SilentSnore promotes nasal breathing and combats disagreeable snoring.

How To Use Silent Snore

Silent Snore is a small piercing like the solution that you need to pinch inside of your nose. Don’t get scared, you don’t have to pierce your nose here. Silent Snore device has two magnets that help open up your nostrils. Plus point is that it isn’t made of any harsh material. The creators of Silent Snore knew that area around the nose needs to be treated gently, therefore they came up with a device which is made of silicone and is extremely gentle on the human skin. As it’s made of silicone, the device adjusts itself to the size of the nostrils and you don’t really have to customize or adjust it manually. The only work that you need to do here is to place and pinch it inside of your nose, and your nasal cavity will feel free in a jiffy!

Do you still have doubts about whether Silent Snore is safe for you or not? It is totally safe to use! As mentioned earlier, the silicone material which is used to make Silent Snore is extremely gentle on the sensitive skin around the nostrils. All you need to is place it inside your nostrils and enjoy a peaceful and a goodnight’s sleep.

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Benefits of Using Silent Snore

The most important benefit that you can reap from Silent Snore is that it lets you have a goodnight’s sleep. Period. And let’s not forget how your partner too sleeps peacefully. And when both of you are receiving sufficient sleep, this keeps half of the health problems at bay. If you’re snoring and not able to have a continuous sleep, it can relate to various health problems like fatigue, lower blood pressure problems, fatigue, heart disease, loss of energy, etc. Even if you’re going to work every day, you won’t be giving your hundred percent at work because you haven’t slept the previous night and your energy levels are very low. This can make holes in your career as well as your self-confidence. Therefore, if you start using Silent Snore, you’re bound to benefit by the following:

  • You sleep efficiently and adequately
  • Your partner also sleeps peacefully without being disturbed
  • You don’t find yourself tired anymore
  • With peaceful sleep, the next day you are able to focus better at work
  • You feel more energetic and remain energetic throughout the day
  • It saves your relationship too
  • Snoring deprives your body of sufficient oxygen. With Silent Snore you are only gaining on oxygen in your body
  • With Silent Snore, you don’t just tackle the problem of snoring. You also keep many critical health conditions at bay.

Price And Money Back Guarantee And Refund Policy

Silent Snore can be purchased from the official website only. There are many offers on the official website itself. One can apply discounts on the official website while purchasing. One can avail up to 50 percent of discount which makes Silent Snore a good investment when compared to other anti-snoring devices. Go buy it today and grab the offer.

There is no money-back guarantee. However, one can return and claim for a refund within 30 days if the product received is damaged. However, conditions apply and one needs to check for the guidelines on their official website.

silent snore reviews

Side Effects of Silent Snore

There have been no documented side effects to date by users or makers after using Silent Snore.

Pros of Using Silent Snore

  • Silent Snore is 100 percent eco-friendly and is lightweight.
  • It’s an extremely comfortable device to use as it’s not an intrusive device. The magnets inside the Silent Snore device are therapeutic in nature.
  • It’s easy to use. Just pinching it on the nostrils is enough for the device to start working its magic
  • Being able to sleep deep is like a boon in today’s world. And Silent Snore helps you achieve it. Deep sleep helps recover the body from all the stress that it had been through the entire day.
  • If you have a problem with heavy panting while exercising, you can use the Silent Snore device. It will provide your lungs with much-needed airflow while you exercise outside or at your gym.
  • The device lasts up to one whole year.
  • It fist people of all sizes and age groups. You don’t have to take the pain of customizing Silent Snore.

Cons of Using Silent Snore

  • The product is available only on the official website for purchase.
  • While Silent Snore is small in nature and not an intrusive device. It still is an external object which you are attaching to your normal body. Therefore, it’s bound to feel uncomfortable in the beginning. But this problem exists only till you’ve got used to it.

Customer Reviews On Using Silent Snore

Stella – I had no idea this product was for me until I got fed up with my snoring and decided to give it a try as it said it’s a hundred percent eco-friendly. And trust me, I’m so glad for having made this random decision of choosing Silent Snore. It changes my life for heaven’s sake! All my hostel mates who would complain of me snoring and disturbing their sleep started thanking me for the positive change. I admit that at first, wearing Silent Snore was a bit uncomfortable. But after a few days, I got adjusted to it and I’m also sleeping better now. Thank You for making life good Silent Snore!

Patricia – When I first saw the device, I almost laughed looking at how tiny it was. After using it, my problem of snoring began to give away. It’s surprising how such a tiny device can bring such a huge change in your life. My boyfriend who used to get frustrated to sleep next to me, now he cuddles and sleeps peacefully with me every day. Silent Snore saved my drowning relationship!


Conclusion — The Final Thought

The fast-paced lifestyle we live in makes us prey to various sleeping problems and snoring is one such. If left ignored, then this harmful problem can turn our health tables to worse. Silent Snore is a tiny device that looks like a piercing septum ring. Using this will help solve your snoring problem in a jiffy and the most harmless manner. So, stop cribbing about the problems snoring is causing to you. Go buy Silent Snore and do those sleepovers at your friend’s place which you miss the most. Also, save your partner from any further sleepless nights because of your snoring. Go, grab your Silent Snore device NOW!

silent snore reviews

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