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Music is the perfect escape from your daily work pressure and anxiety. It is not only a mode of recreation, but also has proven results to affect your mind. People fond of music tend to listen to it whenever they get time, but due to the crowd or presence of other people, sometimes it becomes impossible to play your favorite song.

Be it during a bus journey, during your flight or your gym sessions, music is the ultimate source of entertainment. Most often you use a headphone or earphone so that you don’t disturb other people, but end up being troubled by the long wire or cable of the earphones.

Recently Bluetooth headphones have also come in the market, that can be used to listen to music but without the hassle of the wire. They claim to fit your ear and hold on tightly but they fail to live up to the claim and often end up falling down even with the slightest of movement and mostly have a poor quality of sound.

PlayBeatz is a special headphone that makes sure you listen to your favorite music without any interruption. Despite of vigorous movements and activities, it stays stuck in your ear, comes with superb sound quality and a very good Bluetooth connectivity.


About PlayBeatz Bluetooth Earbuds

PlayBeatz Bluetooth headphones have advanced earbuds, that can be connected via Bluetooth with any Android or iOS device. Once it is connected with your device, from the next use, you don’t have to think twice before it automatically connects itself.

The earbuds are very much user-friendly and don’t fall off from the ear like most earphones with the slightest movement. It is specially designed to fit all ear sizes and stays stuck to your ears, no matter how much movement you do. Its unique durability and design make it perfect for your gym use.

PlayBeatz has a very good Bass quality and a wonderful sound, which gives you a live performance like effect.

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Why choose PlayBeatz Earbuds

  • Are you tired of using traditional earbuds and the mess they create?
  • Do you love listening to music, but sometimes fail to do so due to the presence of the crowd and the wires the headphones come attached to?
  • Do you miss your favorite songs during the workout at your gym?
  • Are you tired of adjusting your earphones?
  • Do you hate how your headphones fall off numerous times even with the slightest movement?
  • Do you want a headphone with a wonderful bass and strong sound?

Then, PlayBeatz Headphones are your answer.

Why choose PlayBeatz Earbuds over other similar Earbuds

  • Most headphones come with grimy cables or wires that make the whole process of listening to music a messy job, whereas PlayBeatz Headphones is a Bluetooth device that has no wires or cables.
  • PlayBeatz Headphones has a very powerful bass and strong sound system, whereas most headphones come with very poor quality bass and little sound.
  • The worst part of using headphones is they tend to fall down every now and then, even with the slightest movement. PlayBeatz Headphones are made uniquely to fit your ears and would not fall unless you tend to pull it out.
  • PlayBeatz Headphones have strong Bluetooth connectivity with a wide range that makes it easier to use, whereas other similar headphones need a lot of trouble to connect with your device.
  • PlayBeatz Headphones comes at a very less price when compared to other similar products that claim to provide similar services but fails.

Choose PlayBeatz Headphones today and get rid of the grimy earphones that fail to satisfy you yet costs a fortune.

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Features of PlayBeatz Earbuds

  • Immovable – PlayBeatz Headphones are made solely with the purpose to remain stuck in your ears. It doesn’t fall off with the slightest movement and gives you an uninterrupted music experience. It fits your ear perfectly and sits there unless you try to open it.
  • Unique Design – PlayBeatz Headphones are uniquely designed for the new generation with a sleek and stylish look. It comes with different color variants for you to choose from.
  • Compact – PlayBeatz Headphones is a very compact product and has no extra luggage. It comes in a sleek case that lets you keep them in one place. With the absence of wires, PlayBeatz Headphones are very small and compact.
  • Sound – PlayBeatz Headphones have a wonderful bass quality. It lets you hear the minute details of a musical note and has a very high volume of sound with a great sound clarity.
  • Light – PlayBeatz Headphones are extremely light in weight. With the sleek design and no cables or wires, each of the buds weighs about 4.7g and thus is even lighter than a spring.
  • Battery  – The PlayBeatz Headphones come with a powerful battery of 500mAh that makes sure the user enjoys an uninterrupted music session of more than 4 hours when it is fully charged.

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How to Buy PlayBeatz Earbuds

PlayBeatz Headphones can be bought with just a single click! Just visit the official webpage of PlayBeatz Headphones and click on the buy now option. Then choose from the multiple offers and enter your address and payment details. 

Price of PlayBeatz Earbuds

PlayBeatz Headphones are very inexpensive when compared with the similar headphones available. With all the powerful and unique features, it is priced at only 39.99$.

Offers on PlayBeatz Earbuds

If you visit the official website of PlayBeatz Earbuds, you will find multiple offers being given on them, from where you can choose one.

  • The first one is where they give one PlayBeatz Earbuds at 39.99$ instead of 66.65$.
  • The second offer is when you buy two sets of PlayBeatz Earbuds at a price of 73.99$ instead of 133.35$.
  • The third offer for you is on three PlayBeatz Earbuds at a price of 99.99$ instead of 199.95$.
  • Another offer valid for you is on a set of 4 PlayBeatz Earbuds to buy at a price of 127.99$ instead of 266.60$.
  • The last offer is on 5 PlayBeatz Earbuds, you pay149.99$ instead of 333.25$.

Avail to any one of the above offers and gift yourself the experience of powerful, hassle-free music with PlayBeatz Headphones.

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Return Policy

PlayBeatz Headphones come with a return policy. If you want to cancel your order or no longer want your copy of PlayBeatz Headphones, just send the packed box to the address given on their webpage for a complete refund. This offer is valid until 30 days from the date of purchase.

How to use PlayBeatz Earbuds

PlayBeatz Headphones are very easy to use. As it is compatible with most Android and iOS devices and has a very powerful Bluetooth, connect it with your device and allow it to remember the device. Stuck in the ear-pods and enjoy uninterrupted, hassle-free music.


Do PlayBeatz Headphones cause earwax?
PlayBeatz Headphones is made from good quality material and has a unique design that ensures you don’t have earwax growth in your ear.

How long does it take for a full charge?
It takes 1.5 hours to get a full charge.

Can I wear PlayBeatz Headphones to bed?
Yes, you can add a timer according to your sleep time and thus wear to bed.

For how long can I listen to music on PlayBeatz Earbuds?
You can listen to uninterrupted music for 4 hours on PlayBeatz Earbuds.

Are PlayBeatz Headphones safe to use?
PlayBeatz Headphones are made from high-quality material and has been tested numerous times that ensure it’s quality.

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Pros of PlayBeatz Earbuds

  • Compatibility – PlayBeatz Earbuds are compatible with nearly most of the smart devices, be it iOS or Android, including your phones, notebooks, tablets, and MacBooks.
  • Distance – PlayBeatz Headphones have a strong Bluetooth feature that enables it to connect with your device from a radius of about 10 meters.
  • Automatic – When turned on, PlayBeatz Headphones connects automatically to your device, thus you don’t have to connect every time you want to listen to music.
  • V4.2+ EDR – This is a special feature that makes sure PlayBeatz Headphones have wonderfull and superior quality sound. It also makes your PlayBeatz Headphones have noise and echo cancellation features. The integrated circuits make sure it gives a powerful Bass function.
  • Bluetooth – PlayBeatz Earbuds has a Bluetooth version 5, that makes it very powerful and technologically enhanced. It is very powerful and makes sure your headphones connect easily to all devices and stay connected.
  • Extended Play-Time – With a powerful battery of 500mAh, PlayBeatz Headphones has an uninterrupted music playtime of about 3-4 hours. It needs to charge via the USB cord for about 1.5 hours and you are good to go.
  • Multi-Functional – PlayBeatz Headphones have other functions, other than playing music. It can be used to answer and reject calls. It can also play, pause and skip songs. It’s a smart new generation headphone.

Cons of PlayBeatz Earbuds

  • Availability – As PlayBeatz Earbuds are very popular and thus in demand. The stocks are limited and thus there are high chances that it might get out of stock. So, get your copy of PlayBeatz Headphones today!


“I am a gym instructor and thus spend many hours doing exercises and lunches. I always preferred listening to music. I bought various headphones but most of them either fell off while moving or had poor music quality. I did not enjoy going to the gym anymore. One day one of my clients gifted me the PlayBeatz Headphones. I thought of giving it a try. I felt overwhelmed. It not only gave me reasons to enjoy the gym more but also made me love music more.” – Sarah Johnson.

“I am a facility manager and thus traveled a lot due to my business. I spend most of the time on flights and thus often got bored. I got PlayBeatz Headphones as my birthday gift. I am using it for 2 weeks and never loved songs more. Thank you PlayBeatz Headphones.”-  Joshua.

“I am a student and I love music. I have invested money in many costly headphones and earphones. They were all from popular brands and costed a fortune. I always would end up being frustrated and exhausted. One day my girlfriend gifted me PlayBeatz Headphones. I was sure in my mind that they won’t work as they were very less in price and not from very big brand value. After using it for 3 weeks I was surprised. It not only had great sound but also was very easy to use. It did not fall off once. Thank you PlayBeatz Headphones and my girlfriend.” – Michael.


PlayBeatz Earbuds are made from superior quality polymers. With the advanced Bluetooth version 5 it can be connected with all smart devices, be it Android or iOS. It comes with an in-built flexible feature that makes it easily snug on your ear, without falling down now and then. It has a powerful battery of 500mAh and can serve for 3-4 hours.

In a market where most earphones come off with small movement, you can do rough and tough exercises, horse-riding, mountain climbing wearing this headphone and it won’t fall off.  Build with advanced durability and very less price, it is a must buy for every music lover.

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