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Digital advancement has gotten the world in a new place. You can keep a record of all the memories you capture through your phone. A standard smartphone can record videos as well as take photos. Interestingly, some phones are better than dedicated gadgets like digital cameras and camcorder. This means that however much you have all the other gadgets to capture memories with your phone is doing a better job than them. So you end up using it constantly. And how does this translate to?

Phones are being made smarter and faster with every passing day. Your smartphone may easily be faster than your desktop computer or laptop. What does this boil down to? Your phone is used more often. And after some time it becomes sluggish. Maybe it’s a virus or it is getting old quick. But when you check your memory capacity you realize your phone is right at the limits of its capacity. Regardless of how good your smartphone is it will reach its limit. That is when you need a MemorySafeX stick.


About MemorySafeX

MemorySafeX is an ingenious memory device that works better than cloud-based storage. It is a simple-looking tool that you can carry in your bunch of keys. It is used by connecting it to your phone. It then scans the memory of your phone and backs up all the documents, videos, and images it finds. In so doing it frees up your phone’s much-needed memory. The beauty of this device is it helps you preserve every important moment that you thought was important enough to record in still or moving images.

MemorySafeX can accomplish this backup task using the inbuilt program it uses. The program allows you to view the process as it is going on, adjust the settings of the device, as well as view all the previously backed up files on the device.


MemorySafeX is made of pure metal that makes it handy and durable. It is made with a rotating midpoint which allows you to alternate between data entry and exit points. This pivot allows for 360 degrees of turning motion. The design can pass for a stylish memory stick in its silver finish.

Memorysafe X

How Does MemorySafeX work?

The device works by having a file detection program installed. It is made to detect different media files like videos, mp3 songs, images, and documents. It easily fits into your phone’s USB Type-C connector where during the first use it will prompt you to install the accompanying application from Google Store. The program will then automatically scan your phone to find all the files that it is preset to see and save them in its 64 GB space.

The device is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. This ensures it will back up your memories from whatever device you are using. It has a normal USB port that you can use to plug into a Windows device like your laptop or even desktop. This can allow you to have multiple storage locations where you transfer memories from the MemorySafeX to a computer. Its automatic detection of files and their storage makes it efficient as you only need to plug it into the phone and it does the rest.

How to Use MemorySafeX

When you buy the memory device you will only be required to install the application that helps it to detect files. Once you install this program it will run itself after you click on “Backup Now” every time you plug it into your phone. The beauty of the device is it automatically detects duplicate files and deletes them to save on space. This makes it a very easy device to use as it does the work all by itself. The only work that might be left for you to do is to arrange the files you are saving once you decide to save them on any other device like your laptop.

Memorysafex Reviews


With 64 Gigabyte of storage to play around with you are assured that your device will never run on low memory. This ensures that the device is free to run smoothly as it is not burdened by tons of memories filling it up. It is capable of saving up to 64,000 photos all in one space. It can also save thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of files. You are safe having the MemorySafeX as your backup device.

Is MemorySafeX Safe to Use?

MemorySafeX is a physical device that makes it easy to get to. You do not need any internet to load information on it. You might feel like it is not as safe as it can be stolen or lost yet it is a much faster way of saving data. While the world has taken to cyberspace in almost everything including storage you will have to remember that without the internet you cannot access your priced memories.

This is where the advantage of MemorySafeX comes in. It can be easily accessed and you can save your memories on the move. This gives you a real-time saving of your files. If by bad luck your phone is lost or it crushes then you can be safe in the knowledge your files are still intact.

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Benefits of MemorySafeX

MemorySafeX has several benefits that make it the go-to storage stick for all mobile phone users. It is compact coming in at just 1.4 cm wide and 6.5 cm long. This gives it the ability to fit snugly into your pocket or ring of keys. You can also easily hide it away for safekeeping.

It is compatible with three device types namely: Android, iOS, and Windows. This gives you comfort knowing whatever popular device you have is catered for.

MemorySafeX is a plug and play device making sure your life is not complicated with having to understand software. It scans the device itself and decides what it is going to save based on your preferences. It will take on audios, videos, photos of most formats in whatever size, and documents. It gets all these file types from all locations of the phone ensuring all the files (including those you forgot existed) are taken into safe storage.

The memory stick is also capable of storing a lot of information on its 64 Gigabytes of space. This ensures all your memories are kept safe and that you will not need any other storage device for a long time to come.

Purchase & Price

MemorySafeX is produced offshore by a well-grounded manufacturer. This gives you surety of its long life. You can be able to connect with the seller on the manufacturer’s online store on their official website. The beauty of this is that you can access their soon ending discount season where you can get one MemorySafeX for $59. The regular price is usually at $118 per memory stick which means you are saving 50% off the normal cost.

There are better deals when you purchase more than one MemorySafeX. When you buy 2 sticks you get each at $45 when you spend a total of $89. A current offer gives you two sticks and you get one free meaning you have spent $36 on each. You can also buy 4 MemorySafeX sticks and get them at $32 each. However, the best offer is when you buy 3 sticks and get two free. It will have brought down the price to $30 each.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The fact the manufacturing plant is offshore means that you may not trust it as much as you would a US company. To cover you in this regard the company offers you a standard 60 days guarantee where you can return your memory stick if the packaging is seen as faulty when you receive it. If the product is deemed to be faulty you should email them or call them within 30 days of receiving the product.

You should email them at [email protected] before you send the item back. Once you communicate with them you will be given a returned Material Authorization number (RMA) which you will stick onto the package of the item you are returning.

If you need further assurance of the validity of your product you can pay about $10 per stick to have a cover of 36 months that guarantees your stick of being repaired or replaced should it become faulty in this time. Another thing to note is that the company does not refund goods that were bought in outlets. They also do not refund items that have been destroyed while on the return trip.


Where can I purchase the MemorySafeX memory stick?
The memory stick can be purchased from the official manufacturer’s website.

Does the MemorySafeX come in any other capacity other than 64 GB?
The stick currently comes in only the 64 GB size.

Is the memory stick waterproof?
Memory devices generally do not come waterproof. MemorySafe X does not have waterproof abilities.

How fast can I get my order once I put in a request?
The company ensures that it has delivered all items within 30 days of ordering.

Memorysafex Reviews


  • It is a plug and play system making it easy to use.
  • It has a capacity of up to 64 GB.
  • It is compact.
  • It is stylish.
  • It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows systems.
  • It has a discount currently available.


  • It has limited stock available.

Customer Testimonials

“I’m a photographer who uses their phone a lot for those instant photos. I have had a few times where my phone has fallen or gone missing after an event. Those are times I let the customer seriously down. Since that happened I learned my lesson and always tried to keep a connection with my cloud storage. But it had its drawbacks with one being how expensive it was. I finally found safety and security when I found MemorySafe X online someday. I have since been secure in my work as I’ve never lost a client’s work. MemorySafeX and I are now partners for life!” Brandon Tally.

“MemorySafeX has changed my life and the lives of my family. We had a tough time when we lost photos in a fire. When that fire razed everything we loved it gave me the desire to never depend on a house for security. I tried to find security in online storage but it was never real-time. I discovered MemorySafeX along with my online searches. I tried it once and it was seamless. I didn’t struggle at all even though technology and I seem to have a hate/hate relationship. I now get my information and memories stored every couple of times during a day. And it’s so fast. I love it!” Perry Statham.

“I never knew technology had come this far. I wanted to get cloud storage but I was afraid I’d get stuck navigating the system with my advanced age and all. I was drawn to an advert that promised me on a hand storage solution for a fraction of cloud storage. I was hooked from that day. I can now get all my sensitive information off my phone every time it gets in.” Randall Johnson.


Data is a precious commodity. It can be very costly if you lose it. MemorySafeX gives you the freedom of living a life secure knowing your data is safe. It ensures that your memories are kept safe and secure for future generations and your reminiscing. You can rest assured you will get a product that has been praised for its attributes.

Featured in popular networks like and journals like The Chicago Business Journal and Wall Street you are safe knowing it is recommended by those who matter in the business world. Try on the numerous benefits of data storage through the MemorySafeX memory stick and get secure today. Order now on the online store and save a good bit of cash when you do.

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