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Smart-technology has come as a boon to us in ways more than one. Most of these technological advancements have helped in simplifying our lives and has made our day-to-day transitioning smooth and hassle-free. It is a point to be well appreciated that accessing these smart-gadgets, which have been doing the rounds in the market today, is not just easy but also mostly just a click away! Today we will discuss one such wonder-gadget, which literally can be pocketed without an issue – the modern-day, must-have KeyLess PRO!

Gone are the days when kids of the household substituted as ‘remote controls’ when the need arose to change TV channels, for Smart TVs came by as the dream solution that could be controlled using your smartphones. All you have to do now is simply sit on your couch and command your phones to help you browse through channels and voila, you’re good to go! But surely, people are never satisfied with only what’s afore them and are always on a quest to either simplify an action or improve the technology. Such constant thirst for improvements is what has led to yet another incredible smart-gadget making its way into modern households and workplaces.

Wondering what this gadget is all about? KeyLess PRO is a virtual reality keyboard. Yes, you heard that right! Remember the times when we either read of such high-tech gadgets in sci-fi novels we read engrossed as teens or saw in movies and longed to live the dream? Well, looks like our wait is over as KeyLess PRO is every such gizmo freaks dream turned to reality.


About KeyLess PRO

 KeyLess PRO, as the name suggests, is a compact device that uses laser technology to project the image of a proper functioning keyboard onto a flat, opaque surface without the presence of solid keys. It can emit a full-size virtual keyboard with full-size key pitch and shortcut keys. This device comes in handy as it is portable, weighing only 60gms and can be operated from absolutely anywhere. The best part about KeyLess PRO is that it can easily be connected to the Bluetooth of your smartphones and tablets and is compatible with IOS, Android as well as Windows operating systems. It functions as both a keyboard and a mouse. This smart-device helps in typing out data/content as and when required without the hassle of having to carry around an actual, bulky keyboard with you when the need arises to type something quickly. You may have often noticed that using your smartphones to type down long content does come with its pros and cons. One major issue being it is time-consuming. During such instances, we do find ourselves longing for an actual keyboard to work with. KeyLess PRO comes to the rescue during such instances and simplifies our woes ‘n’ folds. It comes with a built-in 1000 mAh rechargeable battery made of lithium-ion polymer, a built-in speaker, a micro-USB connector, built-in infrared sensors, and a fully functional virtual mouse that can be used from up to 20m away! Virtual keyboards do guarantee that data is encrypted based on the age of the keyboard so privacy issues generally don’t arise. It can recognize up to 350 characters per minute. Another added feature of this amazing gadget is that it can be used as a power-bank as well. So, that’s three major actions clubbed into a single, compact smart-gadget which makes it one of the most sought-after devices of the smart-era. Currently, KeyLess PRO is available in both black and white colors. The size of the product in mm is 78 x 40 x 20.

How Does KeyLess PRO Work?

 KeyLess PRO is a smart device designed to mimic a small-box that uses infrared technology to project a usable keyboard onto any non-reflective surface. This virtual laser keyboard or ‘projection keyboard’ is then produced when the one-touch button of the device is turned on when it is connected to your smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc. This can be done either via Bluetooth or using the encased USB cable. The virtual keyboard functions on the ‘English Qwerty layout’ that all users are familiar with and hence makes it convenient to use. The sensor in the projector identifies the user’s finger movements and then converts the coordinates to characters. A virtual mouse can also be projected using this device to work alongside the keyboard. Just as in the case of a normal keyboard, this virtual input device also can be used to input data through the in-built, infrared sensors using which you can click on the virtual ‘keys’ through optical identification and quicken the typing process. The KeyLess PRO needs to be charged for at least 90 minutes before usage to attain full charge and it lasts for up to 150 minutes. Imagine owning one of these and using it whilst you’re commuting to the awe of fellow passengers – simply turn the device on and voila, a beautiful keyboard with high resolution shines upon any smooth, non-reflective surface you choose to work on!

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Advantages of KeyLess PRO

 Let’s run through some points as to why investing in the KeyLess PRO is worth every penny:

  • It removes the hassle of having to carry around a bulky keyboard whilst commuting.
  • Assists in quick, hassle-free typing anywhere, anytime when the need arises.
  • KeyLess PRO is compact. Hence, it’s easily portable.
  • Functions as the keyboard, speaker as well as a power-bank.
  • It is durable as there are no moving components inside.
  • This device can be connected through both Bluetooth as well as a USB connector.
  • It has a one-touch operation.
  • Charge lasts for a longer time, which makes it reliable.
  • KeyLess PRO is affordable.
  • It is compatible with Android, IOS as well as Windows operating systems.
  • It is energy-efficient.

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Disadvantages of KeyLess PRO

As of now the only notable disadvantage of the KeyLess PRO worth mentioning is that it is available for purchase only online and there’s a limitation in stocks. So if you want to own one, make sure you’re quick to place an order. Another disadvantage is that it is slightly bright when projected onto the surface so some users have voiced concern over this matter. One can easily say that compared to all the other major factors of this device, the concern raised is almost negligible. Furthermore, the company has also assured to work on any inconvenience that may arise with the functioning of the product.

Pricing, Money-Back Guarantee, and Refund Policy

When one speaks of a device as hi-tech as the KeyLess PRO, it is natural to assume that the device may cost a bomb, considering the functions it is capable of delivering. However, this device is surprisingly affordable costing only $109.69 with a bonus of free worldwide shipment! How cool is that? The company also guarantees its buyers that no buyer will be left disappointed if they consider investing in this smart-product. You can place an order online through the official website of this gadget to get hold of the best deal for it.

At the moment, the company is running a 50% discount on the product along with the below-mentioned offers:

1 KeyLess PRO – $98.90

2 KeyLess PRO – $196.82 ($65.62 each)

3 KeyLess PRO – $296.73 ($59.34 each)

4 KeyLess PRO – $248.81 ($62.20 each)

Once an order is placed based on product availability, the company informs the buyer of an anticipated time of delivery and mostly this is done within 30 days from the date of order. Buyers can track their orders through the tracking number, which will be provided by the company once an order has been placed. In case an unforeseen circumstance should arise, the company will keep the buyer informed of changes in the delivery date. No shipments are carried out on Sundays. The company assures a complete refund on defective and damaged goods, provided it is sent back in its original packaging as well as in good condition. The buyer needs to contact the company’s customer service for the same. Other guidelines also need to be followed before sending back the defective item which can easily be found on their official website. No refund will apply to products purchased during promotions.

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You can contact the customer service of KeyLess PRO on the following.

International ​-​ +442038089234 (24hours)

Brazil​​ – +552135003992 (09:00am – 14:00pm; Monday-Friday GMT-5)

Email: [email protected].


Customer Reviews

George – When my friend told me about the KeyLess PRO, I wouldn’t have imagined smart-technology would go this advanced and top-notch, as he couldn’t stop raving about the product. Needless to say, after buying this product I found all my typing-woes to have become a thing of the past. Being a travel blogger, it was a constant urge for me to type down moments I experienced, as and when I encountered them. However, typing using my smart-phone came as a hindrance many times because it was quite time-consuming and inconvenient too while traveling. But the KeyLess PRO came by as a boon and trust me when I say that it has become my most trusted travel-partner lately. I have been recommending this wonder-product to all my friends and family ever since!

Angela – Being an online educator, the one factor which made my job challenging was typing out data to my students whenever they contacted me for assistance especially when I was on the go. But the Keyless PRO seems to have made my job and life easier. I can now be constantly in touch with my students regardless of where I’m at. Needless to say, they say I’m one of their most accessible educators and nothing makes me happier than to have invested in buying this amazing, pro-virtual-reality gadget!

Sam – I’m popular in my circle as the gizmo-freak and when my friend gave me the KeyLess PRO I felt my collection of smart-gadgets got its most prized possession! I’m constantly pocketing this wonder-gadget wherever I go and it has most conveniently replaced my power-bank and wireless-speaker as well! Have been proudly showing it off at our gizmo-club where more people have placed their orders for this handy gadget!

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

After carefully analyzing and taking into account various facts and features, the KeyLess PRO can undoubtedly be summarized as one of the most technologically advanced gadgets of the modern era. Where previously virtual-reality was considered fiction or like something out of a dream, makers of this gadget proved the world wrong by introducing this wonder-product into the market! They not only enforced the belief that ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’, but they also proved to never underestimate an object based on its size. This product, which encases three major functions in a single-entity, will revolutionize the way the world functions henceforth. Instead of carrying around a keyboard, speakers, a mouse and power-bank, you simply need to get onto the internet and place an order for the KeyLess PRO. You ought to fall in love with this product and its extraordinary features from the moment you begin using it. Being compact is one of its key-features that deems this product reliable and travel-friendly. In this super busy world, products like the KeyLess PRO are surely what one must consider investing in. There’s a blogger-friend who may have never heard of this wonder-product or a daily-commuter who simply longs to reach his/her destination to kick-start their day’s work. The KeyLess PRO would surely be a thoughtful and considerate gift to be given to such people. What’s interesting is that it is affordable too! Surely the makers were looking more at simplifying the lives of the masses rather than increasing the company’s profit margin when they combined the product’s key features. The company seems to be running some great offers currently that automatically calls for shoppers to purchase this device right away. So, don’t think twice, simply go online and place your order for the KeyLess PRO today so you can ensure simplified tasks for a more fruitful tomorrow!

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