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Winter is unarguably the most beautiful season of the year that everyone looks forward to. However, while mild winters are a blessing, extreme cold conditions can be intolerable. Under such extreme circumstances, one would rather stay indoors than venture out. Commuting to work and other places might seem a nightmare for most. In such situations, a cosy room along with warm blankets and a hot cup of cocoa would make the perfect set up, right?

Today, a lot of heating devices are available in the market. There are electrical heating devices, furnaces, and many other traditional methods that help us keep warm during winters. But most heating devices burn up a hole in your pocket as their energy consumption is very high. Most devices are only limited to smaller spaces and end up warming only a small portion of your room leaving you cold and shivering.

During mild or extreme winters, all you need is a heating device that has low energy consumption along with providing you with the required warmth and cosiness. If you have been looking for a faithful companion during extreme winters, then your wait is over. The product that we are going to review today is EcoHeat S, a mini portable heating device that claims to be the best bet during winters. It is suitable for all those renters and owners who want to cut on their huge electricity expenses. You can use this product anywhere. Be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office. It is also cheaper than most of the heating devices and is not limited to smaller spaces. Are you interested to know more? Then do not stop reading!


About EcoHeat S

EcoHeat S is a revolutionary mini portable heating device. It is cylindrical shaped and comes in a simple design that goes well with the room decor. It is also easy to carry EcoHeat S. Be it your office, garage, living room, or the guest room, you can place it anywhere. All you have to do is to plug it into the wall and set the temperature of the heater as required.

EcoHeat S has a low energy consumption compared to most other heating devices in the market as it turns all the energy it uses into heat. This compact heater comes with an adjustable thermostat and an oscillation up to 98 degrees. EcoHeat S provides wide-angle heating covering up to 79 square meters.

EcoHeat S includes a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic heating element. The reason why ceramic heaters are popular is because they are great for absorbing and releasing heat. They are commonly used as they provide soft air supply, fast heating and is waterproof. This ceramic heating element makes EcoHeat S much more efficient. EcoHeat S is said to take as little as three seconds to heat up. Due to the ceramic heating element, this device can produce heat as soon as it is turned on and also cools down as soon as the heater is switched off.

EcoHeat S is a product developed by the company Hyperstech. They developed EcoHeat S keeping in mind the budget users. EcoHeat S is very easy to use and handle. It is very simple to operate EcoHeat S. The heater has five buttons on top of it. EcoHeat S has an LED thermostat control making it easier to adjust the temperature. EcoHeat S provides a digital display screen along with several other features. EcoHeat S provides different modes from which you can select. The modes available are hot, warm, and natural wind. It is therefore useful during both mild and extreme winter. Now beat the cold with this new revolutionary product.

ecoheats review

How Does EcoHeat S Work?

The heater, the fan, and the control panel are the three key parts of EcoHeat S.

EcoHeat S sucks in cold air and passes it through the internal heat radiator which heats it. The device then blows out warm cosy air. The heater warms up a huge part of the room due to its oscillation facility. EcoHeat S has ceramic present in it to a great extent which makes it excellent at absorbing and releasing heat. The presence of ceramic content in the heating device makes it an absolute usable product throughout the year.

Main Features of EcoHeat S

  • Tip-over protection and other safety features – When it comes to mini portable heating devices, one might be worried about the consequences of having such a device in a place where there are kids (or even careless people). In fact, the product engineers were well planned for these small accidents. Whenever this device is tipped over, it shuts down automatically. One of the other safety features EcoHeat S includes overheat protection. Whenever the device gets overheated, it turns off itself. Hence, you need not worry about any kind of explosion or about having this product anywhere near kids.
  • Oscillating Function – The Oscillating function of EcoHeat S is what makes it three times more efficient. It gives the device the ability to warm up the room as that provided by bigger and expensive devices. Also, the traditional heating devices were limited to only a smaller space. With this function, EcoHeat S is capable of dispersing heat and warmth evenly across the room.
  • Multiple Modes – EcoHeat S provides multiple modes to its users. Customers can choose between High heat (1220W), low heat (600W), and fan mode (5W). This feature makes EcoHeat S an efficient device as it extends its usage from a heater in cold climates to a device usable during warm climates as well. Switching to fan mode helps in using the device during warmer climates as it disperses normal air.
  • Easy to use – EcoHeat S is very easy to use. All the functions are mentioned next to their buttons. The LCD display on top provides information about the temperature of the air the device is dispersing.
  • Small and easy to carry – EcoHeat S comes in a mini format which makes it very easy to carry around.
  • The USP of EcoHeat S is that its heater silently radiates heat in the room. Unlike traditional heating devices, the heater of EcoHeat S makes no noise.
  • The certain amount of ceramic heating elements in EcoHeat S is another important feature as it makes the device usable throughout the year. A ceramic heater keeps heating up without posing the risk of a fire hazard or any other danger or risks of burning.

The above were the few main features provided by EcoHeat S. Now let’s see some of the technical features of this heating device.

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Other Features of EcoHeat S

The other features of EcoHeat S are as follows:

  • EcoHeat S is 8.3 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide
  • Power usage – 1.2 KW per hour
  • Low Heat – 600W/ High Heat – 1220W
  • Operates within a range of 220V to 240V
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • BTU – 4092 BTU per hour
  • Amperage – 5 A to 5.455 A


  • EcoHeat S comes with several safety features. There are no fast-spinning blades that you have to be careful about and it also shuts down automatically when tipped over.
  • The wide-angle heating of EcoHeat S ensures everyone in the room gets enough warmth and heat.
  • There are no uncomfortable hot-spots, unlike traditional heating devices.
  • EcoHeat S is very simple, easy to carry and can be placed anywhere. This heater can also be used in the bathroom as it is waterproof.
  • One can peacefully sleep with the heating device turned on. The EcoHeat S heater disperses warm air with no disturbing noises, unlike traditional heaters.
  • EcoHeat S is safe to use and is environmentally friendly.
  • EcoHeat S offers a 50% off on its immediate purchase.
  • This heating device not only comes handy during the winter season but is also helpful during the warmer climates.

EcoHeat S, with its impressive features and benefits, gives a tough competition to the big and expensive old heaters which were bulky and difficult to carry around. After having seen the pros of the product, let’s see what disadvantages this product has.

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Though not major ones, EcoHeat S has few cons as stated by some of the users of the product.

  • Shipping time – A smaller section of the users have complained about the longer shipping time of the product. Although the product has mentioned that it takes 5 – 7 working days to deliver.
  • The device displays the temperature in Celsius.

The pros of EcoHeat S are much more than that of the cons of the product. The cons can be neglected as they are very insignificant. Keeping in mind the several features it provides, EcoHeat S is definitely worth the buy.

Pricing, Money Back Guarantee, And Refund Policy

This new revolutionary product can be yours in just three simple steps.

First, you need to select the number of heaters to purchase.

The available deals are as follows:

EcoHeat S offers a 50% discount. But don’t forget to hurry up as it is only for a limited time.

ecoheats reviews

Special discounts await you when you buy the heaters in bulk. When you order 5 EcoHeat S heaters, you get to pay only $55 per heater instead of $89. Along with the heater, the company provides a wide range of Best Selling Accessories which is also available in amazing discounts. The available accessories along with discounts are as follows :

  • Dual Hot + Cool Fan Mode

A personal heating and cooling fan mode for all year use just at $9 per unit.

  • Smooth Oscillation

70 degrees one-touch oscillation for even airflow around the room in just $14 per unit.

  • LED Visual Info-Light

Monitor the available modes (Cool, Low-Heat, High-Heat) with the coloured LED lighting option at just $4 per unit.

After the above steps, all you have to do is to select a payment option and own a brand new heating device to keep you warm through the winter season.

The heater comes with a pair of protection to keep it damage-free. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can avail a 100% refund within 30 days of purchasing the product.

ecoheat s review

Customer Reviews

EcoHeat S is definitely a big breakthrough to electric heaters. Let us see what the users of EcoHeat S have got to say about the product.

Stephen – I bought EcoHeat S as a gift for my wife. After two weeks of use now, we are actually very impressed as to how such a small device can pull up such big weight. I recommend it to everyone who wishes to have a warm cosy place in just a few seconds.

Jane – I love this product very much. I, in fact, carry it everywhere with me. Be it my hall, office or library, I always carry my EcoHeat S in my bag. It is an absolute essential during the winters. Also, this innovative product is designed such that it goes very well with the decor.

Marie – EcoHeat S is an absolute wonder during winter. Though I was doubtful about the product in the beginning, now I just love this product. EcoHeat S has also saved me from the hefty electricity bills that I once had to pay.


Conclusion – The Final Verdict

EcoHeat S is the perfect invention that will keep you sane during the winter. It is now time to say goodbye to the traditional heating methods with the invention of this revolutionary heating device. EcoHeat S is indeed a product that is worth the splurge. Also, ordering it now is an added advantage to you as the product is offering a 50% off (for a very limited time). EcoHeat S is a perfect combo of a modern, flexible, versatile oscillating design and an ideal heating device that can be used all year long. We can assure you that EcoHeat S will be your perfect companion this winter season! Stay warm and stay safe this winter season.

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