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When we speak of basic necessities a person cannot live without than one would be quick to mention food, clothing, and shelter. Nonetheless, as opposed to yesteryears, another necessity has added itself to this list today. Uncalled for or not, but what we are speaking of here is ‘electricity’! No household or workplace can function without this one basic necessity. Disruptions in electrical services simply would bring life to a standstill. We are so used to the comfort, luxury, and convenience that electricity has brought into our lives that life without it would be unimaginable!

Electrical disruptions for even a few hours leave us panicking and running about to ensure quick and smooth restoration. But, every comfort and luxury we experience comes with a price and this one comes with a pretty heavy one at that. Ever-increasing electricity bills are definitely a cause for concern and forever the breadwinner of the household is running behind the rest of the folk to ensure there’s no power wastage in rooms and spaces.

As the saying goes ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’, so did scientists and researchers work tirelessly to ensure a smooth supply of electricity regardless of any and every challenge that came their way. The product that we are going to discuss in-depth today, thus, is the kind which is going to leave many or every breadwinner at peace, as far as rising electricity bills are concerned. To be more precise, Backyard Revolution is what we will focus our discussion upon through this review. The idea behind this revolutionary program came about as a result of the alarming situation that arose at the house of the mastermind who created this program. Nonetheless, today the mishap which happened back then proved to be a boon and paved the way for the rest of the world to enjoy unlimited electricity generated at the safety of one’s own backyard!

Backyard Revolution

About Backyard Revolution

Backyard Revolution, as the name suggests, is an online program with complete guided information to set up a system that helps generate electricity from our very own backyards. It was created by Zach Bennett, a carpenter from Orlando after his family had to endure a burglary ordeal. Owing to bad weather when his household experienced a power shortage, an uninvited intruder tried to take advantage of the darkness all around but fortunately, the cries of the baby in the house helped foil the burglary attempt. But the incident left the house owner horrified and in urgency he came up with a revolutionary program that not only helps generate electricity but also abides by sustainability hence reducing depletion of natural resources. This system was built based on a study conducted by MIT. That combined with his carpentry skills paved the way to the invention of the Backyard Revolution. This eco-friendly program is budget-friendly and only by purchasing very few components one can set the system up in their own backyards with ease. Some of the main components needed for set up are solar panels, battery, solar controller, pieces of electric wire and power inverter all for just an additional $200. This revolutionary device will help reduce the electricity bill by up to 65%.

The design is compact in nature and consists of small-sized solar panels arranged in a particular manner so as to absorb maximum solar energy. It requires less than 10 sq ft of space. The device is built vertically aligned so that it consumes the least space. The best part is that the device is portable too. The program has been explained in detail with relevant descriptions and images that one need not hire a professional to do the work. It has been divided into 11 sub-headings, each of which contains all relevant information which helps to simplify the system set-up. It takes only about 4-5 hours to successfully install the system and in case one finds it difficult the company readily provides an agent in order to grant assistance with the installation. Hence, it is evident that the system set-up has been explained in such a simplified manner that anyone can go about building an eco-friendly, power-generating system without any hassle. The system requires only sunlight to get fully charged and the best part is that it requires no maintenance cost once it’s been completed. Another point to be noted is that the author grants email access for inquiries, for up to 12 months after the product has been purchased and installed. Also, the device has been designed in such an uncomplicated manner that fixing it is as easy as if one were to work on an IKEA product. All these excellent aspects and features surely make the Backyard Revolution a must-have of this era.

How Does Backyard Revolution Work?

Backyard Revolution provides guided information from start to finish complete with videos, pictures, diagrams, a list of components as well as where these tools can be purchased so as to produce and store energy from our own backyard. The main component required for the set-up is small-sized solar-panels that need to be arranged in a zig-zag pattern in such a way so that maximum solar energy can be absorbed and stored. For this and to make the device compact the solar panels should be arranged one on top of the other, angling it just the right way. It calls for just about 5% surface area of one’s property for set-up. The program has been divided into the following subheadings making it a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-install power generator:

  • Introduction
  • List of Tools
  • List of Materials
  • Parts Dimensions
  • The Assembly/Building Process in Drawings
  • The Assembly/Building Process in Pictures
  • Position of the Pieces Related to the Overall Assembly
  • Wiring
  • Connection to the House
  • Battery Bank
  • Connecting to the House

Backyard Revolution Review

Advantages of Backyard Revolution

Backyard Revolution by Zach Bennett is the kind of sustainable project one must opt to implement in the modern world where many resources are depleted due to careless usage. Let us take a look at some of the advantages of the Backyard Revolution:

  • The program, since it is online, can be accessed even when one is on the go.
  • It comes with easy instructions, videos, and diagrams for set-up and installation.
  • The set-up is eco-friendly.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It requires no maintenance cost.
  • It is compact in nature and takes up only 5% of property space.
  • The device is portable.
  • The author allows up to 12 months of email access post-purchase to clear doubts and inquiries.
  • The company avails a full refund within 60 days lest the customer is dissatisfied with the program.
  • It can be placed in balconies or any area susceptible to maximum sunlight exposure.
  • It helps the user save a whole lot of money on electricity bills.
  • It deems one energy-self-sufficient even during times of crisis.
  • It doesn’t create any noise pollution.
  • The cost of components needed for set-up is negligible as compared to the cost of conventional solar panels.

Disadvantages of Backyard Revolution

When one speaks of the disadvantages of the Backyard Revolution only 2 main concerns may seem worth mentioning but as compared to the varied advantages, these can almost be deemed negligible – one being the fact that since this program is online-based, one can make purchases through online transactions only. This may seem slightly inconvenient to those living in remote areas where internet access may be limited. Another disadvantage is that since the system can be charged only using sunlight as the direct and only source, on rainy days the device may function with less precision as compared to otherwise. But on the plus point since the device itself can store electricity for future use one can take comfort in this fact alone.

Pricing, Money-Back Guarantee, And Refund

Backyard Revolution was built with the intention in mind that sustainable energy should be made affordable to anyone and everyone regardless of the financial background they come from. So the author put the price too as low as $89 only along with additional offers and discounts periodically. At the moment it can be grabbed for an unbelievable price of $39 only. But to avail, this offer one needs to place an order at the earliest. The author guarantees a complete money-back offer for 2 months lest a customer is unsure or dissatisfied with the product under a no-questions-asked policy! It can be ordered online through Clickbank – an e-retailer that caters to selling eBooks, Softwares and membership programs.

order Backyard Revolution

Also if a person decides to buy the Backyard Revolution right away they get additional benefits as mentioned below:

  • The user will be provided with ample information under the title ‘Homestead EMP Protection Protocol’, basically letting one know how to protect one’s home and power supply from any uncalled for or unexpected disasters.
  • The user can garner information on how to store energy under the title ‘Energy Stockpiling Secrets’.
  • A detailed insight into how one can generate electricity using various alternative natural resources titled ‘Homestead Alternative Energy Sources’.

The company selling the product can be reached on the below email:

[email protected].

Customer Reviews

Jonathan – Backyard Revolution did indeed revolutionize my life in ways more than one. My backyard has become an ample source of energy and my electricity bills have come down drastically. It took me hardly 2 hours to complete the set up after investing just about 30 minutes to grasp the video content. I cannot express my joy at this incredible invention and am looking forward to going on that cruise with my wife which was kept pending due to financial issues. Thanks to the Backyard Revolution my worries arising from expenses have become a thing of the past. I have been recommending it to all my friends and family.

Lovina – When my husband first discussed the program to me I was hesitant as it sounded too good to be true. But once he followed the carefully guided instructions and installed the vertical design in our backyard, our joy knew no bounds. It is exciting to think we need not cry over excessive electricity bills now. My husband also caught hold of the additional guides so as to garner information on how to produce electricity from alternative sustainable resources as well. We are trying to convince all our friends and family to go ‘green’ and enjoy lifetime benefits for generations to come which they can reap from this revolutionary program.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

After carefully analyzing and researching how the Backyard Revolution functions one can conclude, hands down, that this product is the most incredible invention of the modern era. Where every other day the world is battling a crisis that arises from the depletion of natural resources, such inventions come as a breather which helps alter such alarming courses. Only with sunlight as the pre-requisite, which the Creator has provided in abundance, one can produce and store energy as well as enjoy benefits for generations to come. It is up to us adults to instill the values of sustainability into the younger generation and the best way to do it is to practice what one preaches. Children definitely learn through routines and habits so it would be a great idea to include them also in the setting-up team since it’s that simplified and easy to build. Also, adults of the household can enjoy relaxed, tension-free lives thanks to the reduced electricity bills as well as take comfort in knowing they are doing their bit in going ‘green’ and contributing positively to nature. So, do not delay or have second thoughts. Simply log onto the internet and place your orders for Backyard Revolution before big enterprises decide to bring the site down or stop the masses from learning of this energy-saving, revolutionary device-guide and set-up. You can also do your bit by sharing knowledge about this program with your friends and folks to help save Mother Nature.

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