NCCR contributes to current policy debates

The policy briefs present analytically grounded and politically plausible reform options for negotiators to consider in the run up to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, and beyond

These short publications on governance and sustainability provide analytical input to contemporary political discussions on institutional reform for environment and sustainable development.


Two policy briefs have been issued, which incorporated results of NCCR WP1 and WP5:

  • Clustering Assessment: Enhancing Synergies among Multilateral Environmental Agreements (by Judith Wehrli)
  • Lessons from the Multilateral Trading System for Reforming the Architecture of the International Environmental Regime (by Thomas Cottier, Manfred Elsig and Judith Wehrli)


NCCR is also involved in the E15 Initiative, a multi-stakeholder dialogue process aimed at strengthening the multilateral trading system. It comprises a series of 15 expert groups each focusing on a set of critical challenges. NCCR researchers participate in the groups on Innovation, the Functioning of the WTO, Clean Energy and Services.


Trade and Innovation

Policy brief by Mira Burri:


The Functioning of the WTO

“Business in the WTO”. Think piece by Jappe Eckhardt:

"WTO Comitology". Think piece by Manfred Elsig:



"To fuse or not to fuse? Assessing the case for convergent disciplines on goods and services trade." Think piece by Pierre Sauvé: