From Fragmentation To Coherence: The Interface Between Trade and Procurement

In the last decade, public procurement has emerged as an important multifaceted instrument of trade governance, acquiring a complex legal and political dimension. This project aims at integrating the work on graduation and IPR enforcement with the research on public procurement and competition policies as important shapers of trade governance. Framing public procurement as an element of competition policy offers novel perspectives for improving coherence in international trade law.

In this context, this research focuses on some major regulatory challenges experienced as a result of the progressive inclusion of new policy areas, non-trade objectives and private actors in the scope of international procurement regulations. This research project plans to study the role of hard law/soft law interactions in the progressive framework of trade and procurement governance; the triggers for harmonising international procurement regulations and the incentives for their implementation in developing countries; the role of public procurement in fostering international competition and competitiveness; the interface between competition and procurement law in international trade liberalisation and the role of the private sector in new forms of collaborative governance for development, particularly in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and in the infrastructure sector.


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