Trade-Related Intellectual Property Enforcement and Industry Competitiveness

This project will provide an analytical overview of existing regimes, an assessment of national and multinational (corporate) interests and a set of analytical frameworks for assessing development-related issues in this area. This is a significant departure from the existing economics literature in this area, which emphasises development-related aspects of IP protection, especially in pharmaceuticals.

The project team will develop a database of trade-related IP litigation, starting with disputes which will later be expanded to cover European cases. Further research will examine the economic angle of the historical legal/antitrust literature for analogues to the present round of trade-related patent wars, based on earlier IP battles involving interlocking patents. Based on these first two steps, the project team plans to develop models of strategic interaction between multinational firms and national regulation authorities. To culminate its research, the project team plans on conducting econometric analysis, integrating models with the database it has developed.

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