Enforcement Mechanisms

This project addresses selected gaps in the political science and legal literature related to enforcement and compliance. The project speaks to the debate on the role of enforcement in international trade institutions. The second area touches on compliance in the realm of services concessions.

A first sub-project (PTAs DSM mechanisms) focuses on variation in dispute settlement provision in PTAs. It provides new data on dispute settlement provisions and aims to explain why some PTAs have stronger enforcement mechanisms than others, why some allow for more flexibility than others and why some are more legalised than others. The project aims to make a conceptual and empirical contribution to the role of dispute settlement mechanisms in international institutions.


The second sub-project (Compliance with Services Commitments in PTAs) studies the compliance with commitments in South-South PTAs. Research questions include: What is the relationship between the depth of commitment and degree of compliance? Is treaty language relevant for compliance? How relevant are formal enforcement mechanisms in PTAs for the overall level of compliance? And, under what circumstances is compliance with WTO law greater than with PTA commitments?