New Preferentialism in Trade

Preferential trade agreements (PTAs) continue to mushroom. What is noteworthy is not only the growth in the number of PTAs, however, but also their potential contribution towards advancing market liberalisation as well as their prospective role in offering a platform for experimenting with new forms of trade regulation. One major effort within this Work Package consists in consolidating the data collection on PTAs (DESTA data-set) that started in 2009. In addition, we continue to focus on explaining variation in design and explore various effects on domestic institutions, law and politics, and economic indicators.
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Cluster 2.1

Design of Trade Agreements (DESTA)

In this cluster we build on work begun in Phase II to collect design data on PTAs (see Dür et al. 2014). In this phase we plan to a) continue efforts to collect missing treaty texts and appendices b) update the dataset with recent treaties and continue to double-code variables; c) engage in additional specific coding to complement existing work; d) explore cooperation with other projects that work with large databases in the field, and e) develop web tools for sharing DESTA:

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Cluster 2.2

Preferential Trade Agreements: Platforms of Innovation, Diffusion and Change

This cluster continues the work begun in Phase II of the NCCR to study the design and the effects of PTAs in a variety of issue areas. Special attention is paid to how PTAs act as platforms of innovation, how regulation diffuses across PTAs, and how PTAs change domestic institutions (law and politics) and affect economic indicators. We also intend to explore linkages of DESTA with other data-sets, to bolster existing collaborative projects and to embark on novel projects (with new partners).

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