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Horizontal Issues

Trade regulation operates on levels of domestic, regional and global law. It entails allocation of powers and functions with a view to the achievement of greater coherence and consistency. It entails considerations of vertical separation of powers and an overall balance of powers. All work packages face related issues and have been encouraged to deal with them in a framework developed horizontally. To this effect, the WP on Multilayered Governance undertook a series of research projects during Phases I and II.

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Horizontal Issues - Archived Projects 2009/10/11

P 0.2

Multilayered governance and the regulation of ...

An area illustrating the concept of multilayered govern ...
HI 1

Multilayered goverance

Trade regulation operates on levels of domestic, region ...
HI 2

Graduation and progressive regulation

Trade regulation is confronted with diverging needs amo ...
HI 3

The role of private actors

Private actors play a significant role in trade policy ...
HI 4

Gender-related aspects of trade regulation

Trade regulation is not without impact on gender, i.e. ...