Z.Bigdeli Sadeq

Sadeq Z.Bigdeli
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  • Comparative Administrative Law
  • WTO Law of Subsidies
  • Trade and Climate Change

Sadeq Z. Bigdeli is an affiliate of the World Trade Institute (Bern) and a former acting alternate leader of a Swiss National Foundation (NCCR) project on WTO and energy where he co-led a project regarding energy and climate change in WTO law and policy. In that capacity he held a number of training courses and talks on international trade law for government officials and participated in a number of consultation projects in the field of international economic law. His recent co-edited book on international trade and climate change was published by Cambridge University Press in Oct. 2009 and his articles on that subject are repeatedly cited in the field.

He is a member of the Iranian Bar Association and of counsel to the internationally active Iranian law firm IRCLS through which he advises clients on investment matters in the Middle East. Previously upon graduating from the University of Tehran he worked in a domestic law firm advising clients, including foreign investors on international legal matters. Bigdeli holds an LL.M. from Harvard Law School where he studied, among other topics, administrative law with professor Sunstein. He is also a summa cum laude graduate of the MILE programme at the World Trade Institute, Berne.

His research interests include: the evolvement of global administrative law, comparative regulatory policy, trade and issues including trade and climate change.