Matteotti-Berkutova Sofya

Sofya Matteotti-Berkutova
  • Energy
  • Competition
  • Climate Change

Sofya Matteotti-Berkutova graduated from the Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Moscow with qualification as a Lawyer with knowledge of two foreign languages (English and German) in 2004 and gained practical experience with the Canadian law firm based in Moscow specialized in energy and international law.

Sofya is a research fellow at the World Trade Institute, Bern, Switzerland since 2007 where she was a member of the Individual Project on Energy in WTO Law and Policy and currently of the Working Package 5 on Trade and Climate Change.

The theme of her PhD research is the analysis of oil supply management practices of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) under the national Competition Laws and the World Trade Organisation rules. This research was further explored during the internship with the Legal Office of the Secretary General of OPEC.


Her research interests include the status of energy in the WTO, competition in energy sector, concept of state sovereignty over natural resources, energy efficiency and energy security, climate change mitigation.