Losada Rosa Maria

Rosa Maria Losada
  • International Migrations & Migration Law
  • European Social Security Law

Rosa Maria Losada Eiroa is currently a PhD candidate in law at the World Trade Institute of the University of Bern.


Until May 2013 Rosa Maria Losada worked as deputy head of the Unit of Third-State Nationals of the Federal Office for Migration (FOM). She was responsible among other things for the Migration Agreements of Switzerland and for the Swiss Presidency of the Global Forum for Migration and Development in 2011 on behalf of the FOM. During this time she was responsible for about 14 thematic debates, and, in particular, for the development of the thematic debate Thematic Meeting – Markets for Migration and Development (M4MD), Trade and Labour Mobility Linkages – Prospects for Development? in Bern.


She worked previously as a legal counsellor in the same unit, as well as in the unit responsible for visa affairs in the FOM, prior to which she was legal advisor at the Swiss Federal Department of Finance and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). While she was working for SECO, Rosa Maria was also a legal counsellor working on issues of Galician migrant return, for the Spanish regional government of Galicia. Since September 2009, Rosa Maria has also been researching her doctoral thesis in law at the University of Bern on “Switzerland’s migration partnerships for a better management of migration flows" under the supervision of Professor Dr Thomas Cottier and Professor Dr Marion Panizzon.


The doctoral thesis of Rosa Maria Losada is sponsored by the FOM and is part of the Trade, Development and Migration project of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Trade Regulation. Rosa Maria’s publications include a commentary on Articles 3 and 39 in a commentary on the Swiss Alien Act, edited by Thomas Gächter, Daniela Thurnheer and Martina Caroni (2010) and a chapter on Swiss migration partnerships, co-authored with Laurent Perriard, Odile Rittener and Stefano Toscano, in the volume Multilayered Migration Governance: The Promise of Partnership edited by Rahel Kunz, Sandra Lavenex and Marion Panizzon (2011).


Rosa Maria received her Masters of Law degree (MLaw) from the University of Bern and is a solicitor trainee in Spain. She is married and has three children.