16 Dec 2015

WTI expert views on CETA presented in Brussels

On 9 December, Pierre Sauvé, the WTI’s Director of External Programmes and Academic Partnerships, testified before the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee (INTA) in Brussels on the treatment of services trade and investment in the recently concluded but yet to be ratified Canada-EU Comprehensive Trade Agreement (CETA).

Speaking alongside EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström and the chief negotiators from both Parties, Mauro Petriccione (EU) and Steve Verheuil (Canada), and  alongside Prof. Steven Woolcock from the London School of Economics, Pierre Sauvé presented the main findings from the CETA impact assessment study conducted by a team of experts on behalf of the European Parliament.


His remarks drew attention both to the many novel features of CETA in the areas of services and investment – arguably in his view the most sophisticated and balanced text agreed to date on a preferential basis - but also to several of its most controversial elements, notably in regard to the issue of investor-state dispute settlement, which has become highly polemical in the wake of the ongoing Transatlantic (TTIP) negotiations and the recent EC proposal to set up an international investment court system.


Addressing the latter issue, he asked whether CETA’s investment chapter needed to be reopened in the light of the TTIP negotiating mandate or whether sufficient scope existed for endogenous treaty change.


Pierre Sauve’s remarks


Power point presentation


For additional media coverage of Pierre Sauvé’s testimony, see http://www.borderlex.eu/quote-day-right-regulate-ceta/


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