31 Aug 2016

Global Series 4: PluriCourts International Conference

The PluriCourts Conference of the University of Oslo, Norway, organised an international conference on “Adjudicating International Trade and Investment Disputes: Between Isolation and Interaction” on 25-26 August, which brought together leading international scholars.

This was the fourth event in the NCCR Global Series taking place between June 2016 and October 2017 and sharing the insights gained by researchers involved in the NCCR Trade Regulation.


The conference focused on the relationship, interactions and comparisons between the international trade and investment regimes in the context of adjudication of disputes.


The Director of the NCCR, Manfred Elsig, was the first to speak with a keynote address on “The Mega-Regionals: Innovation vs. Imitation” in which he presented work from the NCCR related to trade agreements. His presentation showcased research using textual analysis to study the imitation and innovation in treaty texts, in particular in relation to PTAs in general and the presence of the WTO in PTAs and megaregionals (e.g. TPP and CETA).

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