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Germany's Interest in the WTO

Brown Bag Seminar by Ambassador Walter Hugo Werner, Alternate Permanent Representative, Head of the WTO Unit, Permanent Mission of Germany in Geneva

19 Oct 2016
Ruling the Market: Economic Geography, Political Institutions and Su ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Stephanie Rickard, Associate Professor, London School of Economics, Department of Government

11 Oct 2016
Regionalism in Latin America

Brown Bag Lecture by Alberto van Klaveren

14 Sep 2016
Global Series 4: PluriCourts International Conference

This was the fourth event in the NCCR Global Series taking place between June 2016 and October 2017 and sharing the insights gained by researchers involved in the NCCR Trade Regulation.

25 Aug 2016 -
26 Aug 2016
Mega regional trade agreements: Examining their implications

Brown Bag Lecture by Armand de Mestral, Emeritus Professor, McGill University

18 May 2016
Legalizing the ASEAN way: toward comparativist understanding of lega ...

Brown Bag by Sungjoon Cho, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology.

11 May 2016
Ruling the Market: economic geography, political institutions, and s ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Stephanie Rickard, Associate Professor, London School of Economics in the Department of Government.

10 May 2016
Interests, Norms, and Mass Support for International Climate Policy

Brown Bag Seminar by Michael Bechtel, SNSF Professor of Political Science, University of St. Gallen

12 Apr 2016
Austerity for the Win? The Effect of Fiscal Consolidation on Politic ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Thomas Sattler, Associate Professor, International Relations at the University of Geneva, Switzerland

22 Mar 2016
Non-cooperation by popular vote: Vote choice in the 2015 Greek bailo ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Professor Stefanie Walter, Department of Political Science, University of Zurich

08 Mar 2016
Is the GATS approach to international standards on services outdated ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Gabriel Gari, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, at Queen Mary University of London

15 Feb 2016
Money Laundering as an Unintended Consequence of Preferential Trade ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Julia Gray, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania and Visiting Professor, London School of Economics

01 Dec 2015
A Bridge Too Far? Sceptical ruminations on the Transatlantic Trade a ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Pierre Sauvé, Pierre Sauvé is Director of External Programmes and Academic Partnerships and faculty member at the World Trade Institute

04 Nov 2015
Australia, China and the Asia-Pacific: the regulation of investment ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Vivienne Bath, Professor of Chinese and International Business Law, Sydney Law School and China Studies Centre, University of Sydney.

30 Oct 2015
Globalization’s Concentrated Costs (and Benefits): Import Competitio ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Professor Dennis Quinn, Georgetown University

27 May 2015
The Pacific Alliance: The future of economic integration

Brown Bag Seminar by Gabriel Duque, the Colombian Ambassador to the WTO

28 Oct 2014
Preferential Services Trade Agreements between Developing Countries ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Charlotte Sieber-Gasser, NCCR Trade Regulation, World Trade Institute

11 Jun 2014
Towards an IIA2.0?

Brown Bag Seminar by Marc Bungenberg, Professor at University of Siegen, Germany/Visiting Professor at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

27 May 2014

Brown Bag Lecture by Gabriel Gari, Senior Lecturer in International Economic Law Centre for Commercial Law Studies Queen Mary, University of London

07 May 2014
Trade and inclusive growth: Creating synergies in Latin America

Brown Bag Seminar by Nanno Mulder, head of the International Trade Unit at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean in Santiago

24 Mar 2014
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and Regulatory Coherence

Brown Bag Seminar by Rodrigo Polanco, Assistant Professor of International Economic Law at the University of Chile and Doctoral Fellow at the World Trade Institute, Bern

12 Mar 2014