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Structural Estimation of Gravity Models with Path-Dependent Market E ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Michael Pfaffermayr, Department of Economics, University of Innsbruck

19 May 2015 -
19 May 2015
Knowledge spillovers through international supply chains

Brown Bag Lecture by Roberta Piermartini, Counsellor in the Economic Research and Statistics Division of the WTO

21 Apr 2015
Pass-through of CO2 emission costs to hourly electricity prices in G ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Prof. Beat Hintermann, Public Economics / Public Finance, University of Basel.

17 Mar 2015
World-Trade Growth Accounting

Brown Bag Seminar by Sergey Nigai, Post-Doc, ETH Zurich.

10 Mar 2015
Bilateral Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): Their Utility and Utilisatio ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Patrick Ziltener, Privatdozent, Dr. phil., University of Zurich

21 Oct 2014
International R&D Spillovers: Do Free Trade Agreements and Instituti ...

Brown Bag Seminar by Thanh Le, School of Economics, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia.

02 Oct 2014