20 Apr 2015

The Politics of Trade Agreement Design: Revisiting the Depth–Flexibility Nexus

Journal article by Leonardo Baccini, Andreas Dür and Manfred Elsig
24 Mar 2015

The Palgrave Handbook of International Labour Migration

Edited by Marion Panizzon, Gottfried Zürcher, Elisa Fornalé
28 Jan 2015

Permission to Link: Making Available via Hyperlinks in the European Union after Svensson

A new journal article by Mira Burri on recent developments in EU digital copyright published in JIPITEC.
15 Apr 2015

A Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement: Implications for Swiss Agriculture

Book chapter by Christian Häberli in Masahiko Gemma and Masanori Hayashi (eds), Agriculture and Food in the Age of Post 'Trad ...
13 Feb 2015

Subsidies, Clean Energy and Climate Change

A new E15 Think Piece by Ilaria Espa and Sonia Rolland produced under the E15Initiative (E15). Implemented jointly by the Int ...
08 Jan 2015

Trade Cooperation: The Purpose, Design and Effects of Preferential Trade Agreements

Book from the World Trade Forum series edited by Andreas Dür and Manfred Elsig

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