15 Oct 2014

The Jurisprudence of the World Trade Organization in 2013

by Rachel Liechti, Tobias Naef and Tetyana Payasova
30 Apr 2014

Investment Discrimination and the Proliferation of Preferential Trade Agreements

Journal article by Leonardo Baccini and Andreas Dür (LSE, University of Salzburg)
02 Jul 2014

Carbon-related Border Adjustment and WTO Law

Book by Kateryna Holzer
13 Jun 2014

Designing a coherent framework for the regulation of Internet content

An invited expert paper prepared for the Global Governance Reform Initiative of the Hague Institute for Global Justice, prese ...
30 Apr 2014

International Institutions and Domestic Politics: Can Preferential Trading Agreements Help Leaders Promote Economic Reform

Journal article by Leonardo Baccini and Johannes Urpelainen (LSE, Colombia University)

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