09 Jun 2015

Public Service Broadcasting 3.0: Legal Design for the Digital Present

A new book by Mira Burri on the future-oriented design of the institution of public service broadcasting, published by Routle ...
01 May 2015

Novel Nanomaterials in Switzerland and in the European Context: Are Liability Regulation and Insurers ready?

Journal article by Rachel Liechti /Georg Karlaganis NCCR Trade Regulation, Bern in HAVE Haftpflicht und Versicherung, Volume ...
30 Apr 2015

Boomerangs over Lac Léman: Transnational Lobbying and Foreign Venue Shopping in WTO Dispute Settlement

Journal article by Jappe Eckhardt (WTI) and Dirk De Bievre (University of Antwerp)
01 May 2015

The International Economic Law Framework for Digital Trade

A Working Paper by Mira Burri, which will be published in the Zeitschrift für Schweizerisches Recht and presented at the Swis ...
20 Apr 2015

The Politics of Trade Agreement Design: Revisiting the Depth–Flexibility Nexus

Journal article by Leonardo Baccini (LSE), Andreas Dür (University of Salzburg) and Manfred Elsig (WTI)

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