28 Jan 2015

Permission to Link: Making Available via Hyperlinks in the European Union after Svensson

A new journal article published in JIPITEC on recent development in EU digital copyright by Mira Burri.
01 Dec 2014

The Trade versus Culture Discourse: Tracing its Evolution in Global Law

A book chapter by Mira Burri in Culture and International Economic Law, ed. by Valentina Vadi and Bruno de Witte, Oxford: Rou ...
15 Oct 2014

The Jurisprudence of the World Trade Organization in 2013

by Rachel Liechti, Tobias Naef and Tetyana Payasova
08 Jan 2015

Trade Cooperation: The Purpose, Design and Effects of Preferential Trade Agreements

Book from the World Trade Forum series edited by Andreas Dür and Manfred Elsig
28 Oct 2014

The philosophy of non-discrimination in international trade regulation

Book chapter by Thomas Cottier and Lena Schneller in The Principle of National Treatment in International Economic Law, edite ...
02 Jul 2014

Carbon-related Border Adjustment and WTO Law

Book by Kateryna Holzer

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