01 May 2015

The International Economic Law Framework for Digital Trade

A Working Paper by Mira Burri, which will be published in the Zeitschrift für Schweizerisches Recht and presented at the Swis ...
09 Jun 2015

Public Service Broadcasting 3.0: Legal Design for the Digital Present

A new book by Mira Burri on the future-oriented design of the institution of public service broadcasting, published by Routle ...
01 May 2015

Novel Nanomaterials in Switzerland and in the European Context: Are Liability Regulation and Insurers ready?

Journal article by Rachel Liechti /Georg Karlaganis NCCR Trade Regulation, Bern in HAVE Haftpflicht und Versicherung, Volume ...
30 Apr 2015

Boomerangs over Lac Léman: Transnational Lobbying and Foreign Venue Shopping in WTO Dispute Settlement

Journal article by Jappe Eckhardt (WTI) and Dirk De Bievre (University of Antwerp)

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